It’s a hot topic right now, decluttering the mind. Everyday, more and more people are seeking the transformative benefits of a clear mind. They’re catching on to how liberating and fulfilling it is to live with more peace and clarity.

So, they’re searching for techniques to clear out the headtrash that stresses them out, suffocates their happiness and sabotages their goals. Techniques to clean up the habits that keep them overwhelmed, overloaded and overworked.

Techniques to, you guessed it, declutter the mind.

There’s no shortage of advice on how to do so, but there’s something missing in all the scattered opinions. One essential, core message.

Before I tell you what that one thing is, let me set the stage.

Why Declutter Your Mind?

First thing’s first. Why even bother? Why declutter your mind? What’s the point?

Ultimately, we declutter the mind to experience this life more fully. To see more clearly. To live more simply.

When we experience more fully, see more clearly, live more simply, we return to the purity of who we are without the fear, facades, possessions, and limiting beliefs.

We return to clarity, peace and love—the expansive, carefree nature of the spirit (our truest self).

What makes a mind cluttered is the clinging to and collecting of pleasure and pain, past and future, compliments and criticisms. The hoarding of validation in the form of credentials, belongings and relationships—anything that feels like adoration and attention.

While we’re busy stacking clothes and bragging rights, attempting to adorn ourselves with things that will satisfy our fleshly nature, we leave our spirit nature buried.

With the truest, purest part of ourselves hidden, we forget that what we long for has been there from the start.

This hamster-wheel madness is no way to live. So eventually, we must awaken to our tendency to search outside of ourselves for what’s already inside. We must clear away the clutter we let pile up in our heads and homes, blinding us from the Truth.

How To Declutter Your Mind

How do you declutter your mind? That’s the question of a lifetime.

For me, I learned how to declutter my mind in series of life journeys. One journey was reading a lot of books on meditation, mindfulness, ego, spirit and world religions (see those books here). Another journey was learning how to meditate through various teachers in and out of the United States. Another journey has been my personal yoga practice of 10+ years.

Each journey brought me deeper into the depths of my being. Each taught me what was real and not real. Each gave me further insight into my own neuroses, and how I create heaven or hell on earth with my thoughts.

Along the way, I became more present, clearer than ever, more connected to my spirit, no longer held hostage by the clutter in my mind. Granted, I still feel clutter creep in to suffocate me sometimes, in my fear of flying or of being on camera (to name a few). So my challenge remains not to let the lies I tell myself stop me from living a full life. And, to change that internal narrative.

Decluttering is a daily process, and I’m still on that journey today.

You’ve probably encountered similar revelations along your path, be it through exercise, reading, meditation, yoga or journaling, and you may have found them to be ways to declutter your mind.

Exercise helps you clear the mind while focusing on bodily performance and endurance. Meditation helps you become more sensitive to your thoughts and their effect on your behavior. Yoga helps you witness the interplay and interdependence of mind and body. Journaling helps you dump worries and musings out of your head so you can release the stress those concerns cause.

While very effective, these are merely techniques meant to hone one very important skill, the foundation of decluttering.

Decluttering the mind requires this one important skill.

If you want clarity, peace and love, this is the skill you must practice most.

The skill of awareness.

Becoming more aware of you. The you underneath the clutter. The you hidden underneath the lies, limitations, fear, worry, stress. Underneath the pleasure, the pain, the gains, the losses.

When you’re self-aware, you won’t seek validation, adoration, attention or adornment. You know you already have all you need; there’s nothing to earn.

Declutter Your Mind To Open Your Eyes

Awareness is consciousness. It is discernment. It is enlightenment.

It is clarity, or clear seeing.

Awareness creates space to see, opening your eyes to 3 truths fundamental to a decluttered mind:

  1. You are whole just as you are.
  2. You are perfect just as you are.
  3. You do not need permission to be just as you are.

Awareness awakens you to these truths, that once acknowledged and accepted, leave you naked in your wholeness. Whole, you need not hide behind the illusion of stuff, status, titles or degrees.

See how this works? Shedding the illusion of disguise, you’re free to be yourself.

A decluttered mind leaves you free to be yourself.

And you, yourself, are enough.


Now that you know what it takes to declutter the mind, The Declutter Code: 10 Simple Steps to Clarity will guide you through 40 techniques to assist you in daily decluttering.

To read about what is mental clutter, click here.


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