There’s that which happens and that in which it happens.
Eckhart Tolle

There’s you and then there’s You. Ego and Soul. There’s you who manifested as human to live in this world and resolve your purpose for this lifetime. Then there’s You, the still observer of life that holds no physical form. We all begin on earth at the highest level of consciousness.

The real You is pure consciousness; the unbounded, limitless Being at one with all creation.

Who are you?

This earth is the playground on which you experiment with yourself and is the key to your life experience. You are distinct from what you experience here in that you don’t have to identify or define yourself against it. That which you experience, in itself, has no qualitative state other than energy.

Ego gives it meaning, reason and intention. Ego also labels it ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ How ego receives the oncoming energy within this experience is how it steers your life. How ego responds to a situation is how it disturbs your level of peace.

When energy gets overactive, overloaded, clogged, and doesn’t work its way through you, we feel energy blockages. These blockages manifest intangibly as memories, stress, grief and depression; tangibly as ulcers, pain, headaches and cancer. Even tangible manifestations ultimately only reside in your mind… Life is what you make it.

Only from the seat of Soul can we allow all energy to pass right through us, leaving behind no residue. Ego doesn’t realize You are and have all You’ll ever need. But Soul knows You need nothing from this life, only the experience it offers. So use life to free yourself. Use it to take all energy in and let all energy go. Hold onto nothing. Treat life as a game. And make freedom from attachment and identification the name of the game. We leave out the way we came, don’t we?

Energy: The Flow of Life

We are merely energy. And the energy we experience as life has to come from somewhere, right? It comes directly from spirit energy—God, a.k.a. the Universe—and flows freely from there. From spirit energy flows Soul feeling, or a deep knowing, then an internal sense perception, or a gut sensation.

From there, that sense perception finds external expression through the body as a physical sensation. Ego interprets that sensation as a mental perception, or a thought, and gives that mental frame a name, or label. (Enter judgments, preferences, etc.) That name comes with an attendant emotion that ego learned was appropriate to attach, and views that emotion expressed as body movement and/or form. (Enter decision, activity, ambition, etc.)

Michael A. Singer touches upon energy in his book, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself,

The truth is, every movement of your body, every emotion you have, and every thought that passes through your mind is an expenditure of energy.

The flow of energy from source can be illustrated like this:

What is Ego: Where Ego Begins (Part 3)

Energy on this planet collides with other energy as it flows along. Just as you learned in school, energy, as matter or atoms, collides to create an observable reaction. In physics and chemistry, matter exhibits both wave-like and particle-like properties (

I hesitate to use science to support my theory because science has yet to figure itself out. I’d rather speak in broad strokes…we get to the same place in the end anyway: it’s all energy. 

Energy embodies a sort of magnetism or electrical polarity. The collision of energy creates external sensory responsiveness seen as conversation, fighting, relating, sex, accidents, etc. (you know the drill, feel free to use whatever label you’d like in substitution). These collisions don’t stop with our physical experience of them.

We have to let them pass through our mental perceptions—also at an energetic level. In light of this, Singer says,

Ego does one of two things: resisting that which has already happened or that which hasn’t happened yet. You are sitting inside resisting impressions of the past or thoughts about the future. How much energy is wasted? [Why?] Because we have preconceived notions of how things should be or how much they should affect us. When you resist, the energy has no place to go.

The outer world comes in through our senses, then is processed by our ego-driven energy patterns. Soul, or consciousness, receives the purity of the sensory experience, accepting the energy as Itself, nothing new.

Ego comes in on the level of external sense perception, using the 5 senses to make sense of the life it encounters. The ‘sense’ it makes of life is reduced to a thoughtform understood by ego’s finite awareness. Singer continues,

Your views, opinions, preferences, concepts, goals, beliefs, are all ways of bringing the infinite universe down to the finite where you can feel a sense of control.

Therefore, ego can hold tightly to a thought, or mental framework, and build a life story around it. It clings to that story to form the basis of its human belief system, thereby constructing a unique and complicated personality. That personality perceives this world. That perception determines your response to a situation.

High-energy expenditures—occurring because you draw to you energetically-compatible experiences to support your ego’s story—can appear as car accidents, break-ups, heart attacks, etc. The opportunity with such a high-energy collision is it’s impactful enough to shake you out of your trance-state, and cause you to search inward to find peace not found in this world. We realize we need to awaken to the truth inside of us, and stop seeking to find it elsewhere.

The important thing to remember is everything is just a flow of energy. It’s not negative or positive. The cycles that you find yourself in are subject to your own energy flow—what you allow and disallow—and the blockages—what you keep bottled up inside. “Limitations and boundaries only exist at the places where you stop going beyond,” says Singer. If you can see and grasp that, you’re on your way to exploring life as you intended when you landed on earth.

E.G.O.: Energy Gets Overloaded

Normally, we go about our days more concerned with our psychological and physiological well-being than our spiritual well-being, forgetting the source of our true holistic well-being. Because it aims to protect itself from harm, ego focuses its attention on what it perceives in this world, seeking earthly remedies. The more focus it gives something is energetically calling more of it back to itself. We form thoughts, ideas, opinions and emotions around that which has our attention.

Thoughts and emotions get stronger the more attention we give them. “They become charged with energy and power. Eventually what started as a passing thought or emotion can become the center of your entire life,” says Singer. This is what happens if you aren’t centering yourself along spirit energy. The flow in and out of spirit gets interrupted, thereby blocking the flow that would remove all pain. Singer writes,

The only reason you don’t feel [spirit] energy all the time is because you block it. You can learn to stay open no matter what happens in this world. To be who you truly are.

The more layers of sensitivities you pile on to defend ego from hurting, the farther from the core pain you go. The further from relief you are. Instead, you can learn to offer your thoughts no settled attention, and just observe the flow of ego. You can let go of your story.

Disconnecting From Ego

Notice how when you’re doing something you love, you have all the energy in the world, even if you slept only 2 hours the night before. Do something you tell yourself you hate, and watch your energy and zest for life disappear.

Your composite energy is subject to what you believe and let affect you. “Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself or give it to yourself. It doesn’t matter what others do, unless you decide that it matters to you,” Singer writes.

We all start from the highest level of consciousness (“You”) and from there get absorbed and altered in the world at the level of ego (body and mind). At your core, you are love, abundance, grace, peace…God. And you need nothing. Yet ego desires, fears, yearns and manipulates the flow of energy in order to protect itself.

You can remove the ties, dismiss the labels, and unravel the story. You can pry yourself away from the personality, the ego identification and its forms, and allow energy to go in and out of you as you experience life in its entirety, leaving nothing out. You can use ego to remind yourself You are not ego. Singer says,

If used properly, the same mental voice that has been a source of worry, distraction, and general neurosis can become the launching ground for true spiritual awakening.

Awakening is discovering where You are, who You are, and disconnecting from ego. Ego can end right where it begins.

Did this article disturb your ego? Did anything mentioned here hit an energy blockage inside of you, or did you let it pass right through you? Comment and let me know!

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