How Is Clutter Keeping You Stuck In Life?

Did you know that clutter creeps much deeper than a closet or a drawer?

You may not realize how clutter around you is affecting you on a deep, soul level. And you may not even realize where all the clutter in your life is actually hiding.

If you're ready to find out, take the clutter assessment below.


100% clutter free.

Hi! I'm Yvette, the Declutterist

Ever wonder why you have a hard time decluttering your closet? Your kitchen? You tried the KonMari method, you tried organizing your papers, you tried having a garage sale...only to be swimming in the usual mess of too-much-stuff a week or two later?

Why hasn't any of it worked?

Because you’re not cleaning deep enough.

Decluttering is an inside-out job.

Come with me and discover how to *truly* declutter your life.