Don’t think, just grab a trash bag and throw away these 100 things:

1. Hotel shampoo bottles

2. That full donation box sitting by your door

3. To Do lists with the same 2 things crossed off for weeks

4. Wine corks

5. Ketchup packets

6. Mustard packets

7. Emery boards with no emery

8. Duplicates

9. Cables and cords to who knows what

10. Barely-there candles

11. Makeup with 2 drops left

12. Outdated technology like old cell phones and printers

13. Landline telephones

14. That second china set

15. User manuals for stuff you don’t own anymore

16. Lanyards from conferences

17. Invitations for past events (it’s over)

18. Expired coupons

19. Wire hangers from the dry cleaners

20. College textbooks (there’s updated info on Google!)

21. School notebooks with stuff you don’t care to know again

22. Shoes that you never wear because they give you blisters but you think they’re cute to look at

23. Cooking oil older than 1 year

24. Spices older than 2 years

25. Wooden chopsticks from take-out

26. Earrings without the backs

27. That 4th pajama set

28. Empty bottles

29. Tupperware without a matching lid

30. Tupperware with knife marks and spaghetti stains

31. Keychains

32. Air fresheners that don’t freshen

33. Dead/Dried flowers

34. Food on your kitchen counter you haven’t touched in weeks

35. That 3rd frying pan

36. Scarves and gloves you never ever wear

37. Party favors

38. Used up day planners

39. Day planners you don’t use

40. Random plastic cups

41. Clothes from the 90s

42. Magazines from last month

43. Books you didn’t finish

44. Books you finished and didn’t like

45. Plastic pots the plant came in

46. Souvenirs that don’t make you smile

47. TV and appliances boxes older than the warranty

48. Paperweights (huh?)

49. Business cards (scan and toss)

50. Birthday cards with no heartfelt message

51. Gifts you someday hope to regift

52. Exams you got a C on

53. Exams you got an A on

54. Old sneakers

55. Sample skincare packets older than 5 days

56. Board games with missing pieces

57. Stuffed animals (keep 1 if you must)

58. Promotional swag

59. Unknown keys

60. Batteries that don’t work

61. Museum brochures

62. Doctor’s office pamphlets

63. Old, tired sunnies

64. Fresh Prince posters

65. Twist ties

66. Old sponges

67. Gift cards with $0 balance

68. Vases you don’t love

69. Digital voice recorders

70. Scratched CDs (since you haven’t gone completely digital yet)

71. Walkman (someone had to say it)

72. Cassette tapes (really?)

73. Emergency sewing kits (unless it’s the 1 in your travel bag)

74. Torn, stretched out shower cap

75. Junk mail

76. Bottle caps

77. Decorative soap

78. Driver discs

79. Broken clocks you won’t ever buy the battery for

80. Dead succulents

81. Old pillows and bedsheets

82. Old undies

83. Cardboard coasters

84. Extra buttons

85. Phone books

86. Catalogs

87. Baby spoons

88. Loose bobby pins

89. Abandoned crayons

90. Cards from exes

91. Expired canned food

92. Expired medicine

93. Spam

94. Beach towels that smell like chlorine

95. Business receipts older than 5 years

96. Rusty bicycles

97. Barbies with an arm missing

98. Pens with no ink

99. Pencils with no eraser

100. Cookbooks you’ve never opened

All done?? Hi-five. Whether you tossed it in the trash, shredder or recycling, the house already feels better doesn’t it?

Now, to throw out 100 limiting beliefs from your mind…



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