What is a Declutterist?



A Declutterist clears the clutter that clouds, corrodes and cripples the mind–which is the cause and cure of your stress, struggle, suffering and self-sabotage.

We live in our heads, so we have to start there. The mind, when clear, opens the pathways for all else in your life to be cleared, or decluttered. By first tackling mental clutter, you can move forward to clearing environmental clutter more effectively.

It takes more to declutter your life than merely organizing stacks of paper in your office, donating clothes that don’t fit and feng shuing your living room. Decluttering your life is remembering that you don’t have to acquire the clutter in the first place; there’s no need to cling to anything in this lifetime.

Decluttering your life is detaching from all things so you can love, live more freely, more deeply, more fully.  Clinging to nothing so you can connect with everything.

A Declutterist deals in the domain of the mind. Manifestation, perception, intuition, intention, imagination and consciousness. Here, at the root, you can clear your way to freedom.

This isn’t hypnotism; it’s better. This isn’t neuro-linguistic programming; it’s better. It’s you awakening to the power of your mind, and coming into self-empowerment.

In that way, a Declutterist is a peace giver. A presence and purpose guide. A productivity and prosperity coach. The rewards of peace, presence, purpose, productivity and purpose are what awaits a decluttered mind because a decluttered mind makes all those results possible.

You want to get over procrastination? Declutter your mind.

You want to overcome fear? Declutter your mind.

You want to love unconditionally? Declutter your mind.

You want to sleep better? Declutter your mind.