Minimalism isn’t just about owning fewer possessions. It’s not the white walls, the sleek furniture, the tiny home.

Minimalism is a mindset. A way of simplifying your thinking and, subsequently, your behavior.

You can consider it a path to freedom. Freedom from fear, anxiety and worry. Freedom from overwhelm, overload and overcommitment. Freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with who you want.

It amounts to fewer distractions, less on your plate, less clutter. It’s a lighter way of living.

Minimalism is to know the importance of things, the impermanence of things, and the insignificance of things. When you know the importance of things, you know what matters and what doesn’t. When you know the impermanence of things, you don’t cling and hoard. When you know the insignificance of things, you stop taking everything so seriously.

When you know the importance of things, you set soul-filling priorities. When you know the impermanence of things, you don’t measure your success on fame or fortune. When you know the insignificance of things, your self-worth doesn’t fluctuate with number of followers.

For entrepreneurs, minimalism is the new definition of success.

Entrepreneurs want to feel productive and accomplished but end up feeling behind and burned out. Inevitable when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others. When you’re drowning in every business book and podcast. When you’re buying all the latest tools and gadgets just to keep up.

Where do you draw the line and declutter the piles of stuff, the incoming information and growing To Do list?

That’s the struggle; not knowing where to draw the line. Not trusting your gut when enough is enough. Not protecting yourself from overwhelm before it happens.

Which is why there’s such a draw to minimalism in life and business. Greg McKeown in his book, “The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” talks about it. Gary Keller in “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” addresses it.

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Entrepreneurs are understanding the need to cut through the clutter in order to advance. To get clear on priorities, laser-focused on spending and activities. Targeted toward one big push.

A minimalist entrepreneur is a decluttered entrepreneur. Decluttered of the self-sabotage and self-doubt, full of clarity and confidence.

The Decluttered Entrepreneur

A decluttered entrepreneur:

  • is inspired and passionate
  • is self-motivated
  • isn’t held back by limiting beliefs
  • isn’t scatterbrained or spread too thin
  • balances work and play
  • doesn’t say Yes out of guilt
  • declutters and de-stresses on a daily basis
  • delegates for efficiency and leverage
  • preps, plans and prioritizes
  • leaves white space on the calendar
  • creates systems and teams to automate and alleviate routine tasks

A decluttered entrepreneur listens from within and is guided by his purpose. She’s clear on her goals and takes one step at a time. He releases control and gets help. She streamlines processes and eliminates waste.

In this way, decluttered entrepreneurs do less work and get more done.

Creating a business and life are not mutually exclusive. Becoming minimal in both areas go hand in hand. Isn’t entrepreneurship a chance to strike that harmonious life balance?

That’s exactly what it is.

A Minimalist Mission

Call us lazy (or ingenious), but we minimalist entrepreneurs create businesses that fund our desired lifestyle of ease and empowerment. We want to pave our own path. We want to be online and offline whenever we choose.

We want to set the bar, call the shots and earn what we’re worth. We want teams around us that inspire, challenge and empower us—and for them, we want to do the same.

We want to mastermind an infrastructure that gives us autonomy and adventure. We want to build systems that produce income and impact.

We want the freedom to flow. We want to let go of the limits and fly.

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How have you gone minimal in your business, or struggling to? Let me know below in the comments.


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