360° Clarity for Life

One-on-one coaching packages available. Seats limited.

Private 1:1 Coaching Packages

Get clarity for your next steps in life, in home, heart, career, money, and so much more.

  • Privacy & Confidentiality

    All calls are one-to-one and confidential between coach and client.

  • Worksheets & Action Plans

    Worksheets and action plans for easy implementation of coaching principles.

  • Accountability

    Accountability check-ins between calls to make sure client is making progress.

  • Call Recording

    Recordings of the video or audio calls (client preference) delivered after every call.

  • Email Access

    Email access to your coach with response time of 48 hours or less.

  • 'The Declutter Code' Book

    Signed paperback copy of The Declutter Code: 10 Simple Steps to Clarity.

  • Discounted Additional Calls

    Additional calls at 5-10% off.

  • Resources

    Guided referrals to partners.

With private coaching, you will get clarity in all areas of your life: in mind, relationships, money, career and ultimate life fulfillment. Discover what your next steps in life are and go after it with confidence.

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