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With the end of another school year, spring moving summer, and the final push to be productive before the kids are home all day, the load can leave us drained of energy. All of it can feel pretty stressful.

It’s during these times of change when we have to take care of ourselves so the transition doesn’t wear us out.

Here are a few ways I like to reduce stress and find my calm.

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Running around nonstop all over the place. Speed racing through traffic to get to your next appointment on time. Losing your cool because yet another person asks you for a favor. Cutting people off mid-sentence because you have other things to do. Multi-tasking as many things as there are minutes in the day.

This is no way to live. And if this is how you’re living, you need to declutter your busy.

In other words, declutter how you spend your time by limiting what’s on your plate—doing less—with the aim of having more downtime to connect with the you underneath the busyness. The you underneath all the To Do lists.

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We all know firsthand the havoc stress wreaks on our bodies. We can definitely feel it. The headfog, the fatigue, the body aches, the eyestrain, the overwhelm. It slowly creeps in and suffocates us. Next thing we know, we’re yelling out the window at taxi cabs, sending angry emails, and bringing the bitch stare back.

Then add a cluttered home or office to the mix, and you have yourself a bonafide hellhole.

Under all that turmoil is clutter. Mental cutter; because stress is born from the inside—in our heads. Same place where clutter gets its start. Two peas in a pod, how cute.

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