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On any given day, we have a million things we want to do and only a finite amount of time to get them done.

Do we ever get to all of the tasks we set out for ourselves? Rarely. Why? Because we usually set our sights on doing too much. More than any one person can handle.

When we can’t get to all of it, we feel the pressure of pending deadlines.

I start to feel overwhelm creep in when I allow too many tasks to pile on my plate. Fortunately, before I panic, I have a few tricks to free myself from being suffocated by it. Tricks that help make my agenda more manageable—so I can get it all done.

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It’s any wonder why someone would choose darkness when light is just a decision away. A decision to incorporate new thoughts of wellness and peace into one’s mindset, thereby overriding thoughts of disease and hate. A decision to view another person as capable of making mistakes and in need of as much mercy as you or I. In other words, decisions to move out from under the shadows and into the sun.

It’s any wonder, too, that someone would choose punishment over forgiveness.Punishment denotes a jurisdiction of authority over a particular offense, or a perceived power over another person. No amount of accolades or credentials gives anyone enough vindication to punish someone else for any action. What might be justice in your eyes might be torture in another pair. We as humans cannot even agree on forms of punishment, debating whether the death penalty or 5 years in jail is suitable for a count of child molestation. So, is it safe to say that punishment is in itself a subjective decree?

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