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I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn’t believe. Sugar cravings come on the regular, so I give myself little challenges, like fasting from sweets for a period of time, or I set rules like “No candy Monday-Friday” and “Eat something green before something sweet.” …All in an effort to tame the beast.

I’m just coming off of a 30-day fast from sugar last month, and it feels great. Not only does the rehab part feel great (no more blind binging), but it felt great to lose the craving entirely for a few weeks. Giving something up helps you learn to live without it.

During that time, I saw the truth behind my candy addiction. I saw eating it as taking in processed chemicals. There’s nothing tasty about that.

Normally, I would just eat it without thinking another thought.

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All clutter will eventually rise to the surface, making it very plain. Body clutter is even more pervasive. You can see it everywhere you look. It’s not the kind of clutter that people attempt to hide or pretend is not there. This one includes clutter that is most visible to a stranger’s eye.Continue Reading..


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