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I’m always reading books about clearing clutter and creating space. It’s good research.

I recently finished the book, Unstuff Your Life: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good, by Andrew J. Mellen and it left me with lots of action steps to clear clutter. (Read my review of the book on Goodreads.) But in this case, I’m focused on the part about clearing digital clutter. And for good reason.

Mellen writes,

“In the United States alone, more than $650 billion a year in productivity is lost because of unnecessary interruptions, predominantly mundane matters, according to Basex, a leading knowledge economy research and advisory firm. The firm states that a large part of that $650 is the result of time lost recovering from interruptions and trying to refocus on work.”

Not only is it messy, digital clutter is a huge distraction.

Imagine running around the house looking for your keys when you’re already late for work. That’s you, too, when scrambling to find documents, spreadsheets and other files before you can get down to business.

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