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On any given day, we have a million things we want to do and only a finite amount of time to get them done.

Do we ever get to all of the tasks we set out for ourselves? Rarely. Why? Because we usually set our sights on doing too much. More than any one person can handle.

When we can’t get to all of it, we feel the pressure of pending deadlines.

I start to feel overwhelm creep in when I allow too many tasks to pile on my plate. Fortunately, before I panic, I have a few tricks to free myself from being suffocated by it. Tricks that help make my agenda more manageable—so I can get it all done.

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Clearing space in the mind is how the successful remain nimble and stealthy. It is how they have the room for new information, new ideas and new insight. These mental pockets of nothingness open us up to the creative stream of consciousness.

Thinking clearly equates to thinking creatively. When we hit writer’s block on an article or feel uninspired about our work, it’s because we haven’t given ourselves time away from it. We need that emptiness to usher in the new and refine the old.

And if we never take time away from the hustle and grind of our careers, all else in our lives suffers. Our relationships, our health, our energy and our happiness.

Yet, all too often, we business owners scramble from client to client, wearing too many hats, overloading our calendars with too many appointments, and getting pulled in too many directions. At this pace, our minds don’t shut off and our feet don’t stop pushing 100 miles per hour.

Clutter is that chaos.

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