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If you’re peeking over the fence to see what’s on the other side, you’ve fallen prey to a clutter problem.

One of the symptoms of a cluttered mind is comparisons (see all 8 here). This one is a doozy. Pretty much a plague, comparing ourselves to someone else is like a disease, putting us at odds, making us feel less than, handicapped.

Comparisons amount to superlative judgments. It is deliberately taking two things and pitting them against each other for the sake of choosing a preference, or winner. It feels like judging two options to decide which is preferred.

It is searching for bigger and better, chasing faster and stronger.

We compare:

  • shoes
  • lunches
  • careers
  • salaries
  • bodies
  • lifestyles
  • houses
  • cars
  • families
  • friends
  • instagram fame
  • facebook likes
  • etc., etc.

We compare so much, where does that leave us? Feeling pretty shitty.

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You made it! You’re more than half way through The Declutter Code. With open eyes, we can now choose our perspective from which to see the world. This is key because it determines our quality of life.

(Did you read and practiced Step 5 yet? This step comes much easier when you’re caught up.)

Step 6: Shift

To shift is to move or change over some distance. It is depth and openness to see in a new way, from a new vantage point. It’s choosing to replace one paradigm for another, one belief for another, one point of view for another.

Every moment, we bring with us a perspective. That perspective is the lens through which we view the world. It’s an attitude or viewpoint about a particular subject or object (person, place or thing). The clearer this lens is, the clearer life becomes. The easier it becomes to shift our steps toward peace.

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In the space we’ve created, we begin to observe with new eyes. (Speaking of space, be sure you’ve read and practiced Step 4 so you can apply it to this step.)

The previous steps prepared us to look deeply. Now, we open our eyes to really see.

Step 5: See

The fifth step, see, is to sense without story. We recognize thoughts exactly as they are: harmless mental concepts. We can appreciate what we take in through our eyes without making it something it’s not (nonsense).

We are responsible for what we see and how we see it. We know that what we see is being interpreted through our lenses, our perspective, subject to our labels and beliefs.

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When does stuff become clutter? When does what you own become more of a burden than a blessing? When does the disarray deserved to be disposed?

You can’t stop thinking about it. You’re stressed. You’re disorganized. Yet, you keep buying, stockpiling, hoarding…

Clearly, it’s not just the stuff that’s bothering you.

The stuff you see is only part of the mess. There’s stuff underneath the stuff.

Clutter is crafty and contagious. It pervades first our minds, then our bodies, hearts and homes. It seeps into our calendars, offices, careers and bank accounts.

Your mind is the first to get cluttered before you ever see the repercussions in your living space.

Can you catch it before it gets out of hand? Before it becomes debilitating?

Let’s find out how to tell when stuff becomes clutter.

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When we think of something and anything, long enough, it becomes a belief. But just because we believe something doesn’t make it real. It just makes it our belief. An arbitrary thought pattern until you tell yourself something new to believe. My belief can conflict with your belief and your belief can conflict with my belief, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It won’t even matter either way. Why fight over beliefs when they are just what we habitually told ourselves? I can just as quickly change my belief to match your belief and vice versa.

Who began to put so much meaning on it in the first place?

We did.

We became identified with these beliefs.

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There’s that which happens and that in which it happens. 

Eckhart Tolle

There’s you and then there’s You. Ego and Soul. There’s you who manifested as human to live in this world and resolve your purpose for this lifetime. Then there’s You, the still observer of life that holds no physical form. We all begin on earth at the highest level of consciousness. The real You is pure consciousness; the unbounded, limitless Being at one with all creation.Continue Reading..


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