Yvette Bowlin has always been a student of the mind. It started with her undergraduate and Master’s work in Consumer Psychology and led to her studies of enlightenment and spirituality. Years of research and self-inquiry sent her down the path of discovering the root of our “clutter problem.”

From observing herself and others, Bowlin has pinpointed the reasons most people keep themselves stuck in sabotage, suffering, struggle, separation and stress. But we don’t have to stay stuck! Clutter stands in the way of peace, presence and clarity.

Bowlin learned the ‘art of hoarding’ early on in childhood, and has since been meticulous about decluttering her life. She’s created a simple process for doing just that, outlined in The Declutter Code: 10 Simple Steps to Clarity. The underlying premise of her book, seminars and speeches is that the most effective way to declutter is from the inside out—starting with the mind!

Also a certified yoga instructor, Bowlin loves to help others come into mind-body awareness to better facilitate deep decluttering.

Her work has been featured on Huffington Post, Los Angeles Business Journal, several podcast interviews and more.

An avid breather, life observer, writer and student of the mind, heart and human behavior. Creative, incessant, inventive. Intuitive. Yogi.

A fashion & luxury aficionado. Culture & design connoisseur. Arbiter of taste & style. Student of profundity & beauty. Freedom & flavor seeker.

I still battle with clutter from time to time. I’m my first student, practicing diligently what I preach. I found why I was clinging, why I was cluttering my life with things meant to distract me from who I was underneath it all. 

Now, as The Declutterist, I hope to introduce you to yourself–without the clutter.

yvette bowlin
the declutterist