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What’s holding you back from having all that you want? What obstacle stands between you and your goals?

Whatever it is, it feels like being stuck in a rut, unable to go where you want to go; uninspired and hopeless. It makes success feel out of reach, and failure inevitable. It feels like discouragement and lack of confidence. If feels like disappointment before you’ve even begun.

It hinders creativity and courage. It chokes you up on job interviews and presentations. And it depletes your energy and ability to focus.

You would think there’d be some physicality to such a constraint that can literally hold you captive.

Nope. It is all mental.

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The story of The Hammer as told by Paul Watzlawick in his book, ‘The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious (The Pursuit Of Unhappiness)’ goes like this,

A man wants to hang a painting. He has the nail, but not the hammer. Therefore it occurs to him to go over to the neighbor and ask him to lend him his hammer. But at this point, doubt sets in.

What if he doesn’t want to lend me the hammer? Yesterday he barely spoke to me. Maybe he was in a hurry. Or, perhaps, he holds something against me. But why? I didn’t do anything to him.

If he would ask me to lend him something, I would at once. How can he refuse to lend me his hammer? People like him make other people’s life miserable. Worst, he thinks that I need him because he has a hammer. This has got to stop!

And suddenly the guy runs to the neighbor’s door, rings, and before letting him say anything, he screams: “You can keep your hammer, you bastard!”

Besides being hilarious, this story is enlightening! My sister read it to me a couple months ago and it gave me a crystal clear image of a mentally cluttered person. Clutter being the junk that floated around in the man’s head, causing him to jump to conclusions about his neighbor.

Mental clutter is like that, illusory and deceptive, causing us to believe the worst. It’s what keeps us fearful, anxious and pessimistic, trapped in a web of our own making.

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There’s nothing like sitting down to write or draw or design or create…and getting nothing. Zero, zilch, nada. Nothing comes out as if the faucet’s shut completely off. Chances are you know it well, the dreaded creative block.

The block that feels like you crashed into a wall and inspiration floated away. It’s just you and the empty page. That can feel pretty hopeless.

But what is a creative block and why does it always show up when we’re trying to be our inventive selves?

Well, to answer that bluntly, clutter. Clutter—mental clutter—is what blocks us and all our well-intentioned efforts. The stuff that, unless we clear it away, wreaks havoc on our creativity.

Our own mental mess blocks the way.

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There’s that which happens and that in which it happens. 

Eckhart Tolle

There’s you and then there’s You. Ego and Soul. There’s you who manifested as human to live in this world and resolve your purpose for this lifetime. Then there’s You, the still observer of life that holds no physical form. We all begin on earth at the highest level of consciousness. The real You is pure consciousness; the unbounded, limitless Being at one with all creation.Continue Reading..


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