What’s holding you back from having all that you want? What obstacle stands between you and your goals?

Whatever it is, it feels like being stuck in a rut, unable to go where you want to go; uninspired and hopeless. It makes success feel out of reach, and failure inevitable. It feels like discouragement and lack of confidence. If feels like disappointment before you’ve even begun.

It hinders creativity and courage. It chokes you up on job interviews and presentations. And it depletes your energy and ability to focus.

You would think there’d be some physicality to such a constraint that can literally hold you captive.

Nope. All mental.

What Are Mental Blocks?

Picture a clogged drain. The pipes are backed up, the water’s not flowing through freely—so, not much goes in, not much comes out. You’re not able to use the sink because the blockage will flood the bathroom with sludgy nastiness.

Your mind is this clogged sink when you’re mentally stuck. And that sludgy nastiness is confusion, overwhelm, conflict and turmoil caked all over your awareness.

Like the name suggests, a mental block is a blockage, a clot, an obstruction of flow.

As is typical with any barrier, a mental block is an impediment. Red tape telling you, Do Not Pass. Only this one is a figment of your imagination.

It is clinging to a belief that doesn’t empower your true self. It is grasping at the idea that you’re not good enough and you don’t have what it takes.

Because a mental block is a state of mind, you stay blocked when you don’t release the belief.

Why Are You Blocked?

Why are you blocked?

Because you like to see things that aren’t there. You’re a creative being, and as easily as you create breakthroughs, you create breakdowns.

You make excuses for why you can’t. You limit what’s possible in exchange for what’s comfortable.

You want to stay frozen in place. You want to stay safely nestled in your web of familiarity.

You like to build walls that protect you from anything bad happening because your ego seeks to protect its existence and its reputation. Your ego nature likes to shut off the influence of your soaring spirit nature so you don’t see how free you actually are.

Think of a mental block as a stumbling block. Stumbling blocks trip you up, make you lose composure and balance. No one likes to be humiliated by stumbling in front of everyone, so s/he avoids the step forward entirely.

In this way, an internal blockage keeps you emotionally unavailable for the next thing. Keeps you paralyzed, fearful of what could happen if you took the plunge. (Ironically, it’s with a plunger that you remove a physical blockage).

Until you master the nuances of the mind, blockages will continue to clog the flow of inspiration, creativity, confidence, peace and love.

And until you master the nuances of the mental blocks themselves, they’ll continue to deceive, deny, restrain and cripple.

5 Types Of Mental Blocks

Yes, mental blocks are self-imposed. Which side of the prison bars you’re on is up to you.

Call it fear, anxiety or overwhelm, mental blocks fall into one of 5 categories.

Any of these 5 types of mental blocks are keeping you stuck in your life right now. Before you can clear them you have to know what they are.

1. Stress

You believe life is supposed to be hard. Difficult and complicated come with the territory. You feel overwhelmed and anxious most of the time. You aren’t free to enjoy the present moment because you’re preoccupied with what you don’t have, and who’s keeping you from it.

Stress feels like comparisons and shortcomings. Not having enough time to get it all done. Not measuring up to expectations. Destined to never reach your full potential.

Stress is an illusion because without patience, everything seems to be an emergency and must get done right now. When we don’t know our priorities, everything is due immediately. These arbitrary deadlines pile up only to suffocate all good intentions.

2. Suffering

You believe you are meant to suffer. You’re the victim and everything bad happens to you. You can’t escape your misfortune. Life is not fair. Nothing you want comes easily. You’ve been hand-selected to suffer at the hand of the political regime, tyrannical bosses, fickle friends and a dysfunctional family.

Suffering feels like victimhood. Nothing goes your way. Everything is meant to do you harm and impart some sort of pain. You can’t catch a break. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Suffering is an illusion because we only ever suffer at our own hands. At our own misunderstandings. At our own interpretations. At our own beliefs. How we perceive something determines if we fall prey to it.

3. Struggle

You’re focused on the negative. What you don’t have. What you don’t know. What you don’t like. You are inferior and less than. You don’t have the right stuff to offer, and you’ll never be good enough. You don’t know what could be because you’ve never given yourself time to dream it, let alone imagine yourself worthy of it.

Struggle feels like climbing up a mountain full of falling rocks and booby traps. No matter what strides you make, there’s always something lurking around the corner to push you back to ground zero.

Struggle is an illusion because its “harsh reality” is a self-induced one. Life is not meant to be a struggle, and any time we find ourselves struggling against the current, we can let go of the fight, and trust the ebb and flow.

4. Sabotage

You fear the unknown so you sabotage its unfolding. You like to keep things predictable and safe. You don’t want to rock the boat, or seek new and different, just in case what you get leaves you worse off, and you don’t know how you would ever handle “worse off.” So it’s best to just stay put.

Sabotage feels like being stifled, suffocated. Like thwarting all effort to succeed or progress to the next level out of fear of making a mistake and being humiliated or annihilated.

Sabotage is an illusion because we seek to protect ourselves from being laughed at or killed, so we divert anything that might threaten us. We don’t believe we’ll be fine in the end, so rather than enjoy the ride, we abandon ship.

5. Separation

You see yourself as separate from everyone else. No one understands you and no one can help. You’re all alone; it’s you versus the world. You’re an island, left to fend for yourself against all odds. There’s a right and a wrong way, and you make sure all decks are stacked in your favor.

Separation feels like loneliness. It feels like lack, like you don’t have the tools, the support, or the direction you need. The picturesque life, relationship, kids, career all elude you.

Separation is an illusion because we are all one, connected by the same spirit energy. There is no separating from the divine; it is you. It is everyone. There is nothing you lack—you have all that you need right where you are.

Remove Your Mental Blocks

Mental blocks stand in the way of our rising to meet our most powerful selves. Being “blocked” keeps us from greatness, bigness, aliveness.

Mental blocks are a state of mind, born of fear. They are illusory, malleable and impressionable. Because of this, what’s blocking you could instantly be removed with a shift in perception.

To clear your mental blocks, shift the way you talk to yourself. Tell yourself a different story about what you can do.

For example, if your block has you convinced you won’t make it as a business owner, whenever that thought comes into your head and you’re feeling discouraged, change the message. Say out loud, 20 times in a row, that you are a successful, multi-million dollar business owner! As you’re saying it, envision yourself experiencing glowing success.

You don’t have to stay stuck. When you see through the wall, the wall ceases to exist. And you’re free to move past it.

Break through the barrier that is you. Break through the lies, the limitations, the lack.

Break through because you can.

***Read more about clearing mental blocks here.***


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