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Ready to dive into step 3 of the The Declutter Code? (Have you read and practiced step 2? If not, do that first. There’s a delicate order to the Code, especially if this is the first time you’re practicing it.)

At this point in the Code, we’ve slowed and stilled mind and body, and we’ve started incorporating meditation into our mornings. Now, we can go even deeper within.

Step 3: Silence

Silence is the absence of sound. It is the hushing of chatter and commotion, of song and speech. It’s the muting of noise. It’s the quieting of the mind.

Silence allows us to turn our focus inward. When we settle our surroundings, our bodies, then minds, our inner ears, aren’t as distracted. We can listen from within and hear our inner dialogue. Our thoughts don’t have to compete with much else to be heard.

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Taking a moment to breathe deeply to calm yourself, to rejuvenate yourself and to clear out all the gunk and blockages that keep you from being fully present in this moment. Breath is powerful. Oxygenates our blood and organs–every cell in our body uses oxygen to renew itself.

We can’t see breath, and most times don’t even feel it if we’re in our normal trance of every day life. But we keep on breathing. To actually notice and feel breath going in and out of your lungs, filling you, nourishing you, energizing you, knowing it’s what keeps you alive—that’s presence. Present moment awareness. That’s you witnessing an everyday miracle—your breath working on our behalf.

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Sing. Praise. Love. Share. Vent. Boast. Brag. Breathe.


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