Taking a moment to breathe deeply to calm yourself, to rejuvenate yourself and to clear out all the gunk and blockages that keep you from being fully present in this moment.

Breath is powerful. Oxygenates our blood and organs–every cell in our body uses oxygen to renew itself.

We can’t see breath, and most times don’t even feel it if we’re in our normal trance of every day life. But we keep on breathing.

To actually notice and feel breath going in and out of your lungs, filling you, nourishing you, energizing you, knowing it’s what keeps you alive—that’s presence. Present moment awareness. That’s you witnessing an everyday miracle—your breath working on our behalf.

We can witness the same thing about the universe, about the divine. Working on our behalf, beyond what the eye can see. Anytime you feel overcome with gratitude, wrapped in love, or taken over in laughter—that’s your firsthand experience of the divine working in your life—and it’s as easy to see as noticing your breath.

God works through us, for us and as us, just as our breath moves through us, for us, as us.

We are the breath of life. To return to breath is to return to that place of divinity inside us and it’s how we refuel and reset our focus.

Breath is flow

Breath—since we rarely think about it, prevent it from coming, or make a big deal about it—represents flow.  Breathing is going with the flow. Moving with the universe and letting the divine lead us along our best path.

We don’t know what the best or the worst could possibly be from our limited vantage point. We only see what is—what’s happening now—and we interpret it however makes sense given our most recent understanding of things. The only time we’re able to see clearly or perceive the divinity in everything is when we’re calm and centered.

So breath is flow. If we were to suffocate ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to breathe. We’re cut off from our lifeline, oxygen.

Same goes when we figuratively suffocate ourselves…our dreams, our aspirations, our loved ones or let someone else suffocate us. We cling to that which keeps us stuck. We hold fast to a sinking anchor, preventing growth and forward momentum. We harp, complain, we decide “it’s unfair.”

We stay submerged and we drown.

Suffocation is really just disguised confusion and it comes from fear and expectation, trying to control people and outcomes. fearing the unexpected and expecting the fear. We expect things to be predictable and if they don’t work out like we imagined or they don’t look like daisies and rosebuds, it’s all a frustrating disaster. We don’t readily accept change, unexpected surprises, especially if they’re not what we planned for or built a schedule around.

We expect everything to go just as we think it should. But what if how they should isn’t how they would if we only knew what could happen. Maybe how something should happen isn’t how it would happen if we only knew what could happen instead. We don’t ever know what should happen because we don’t know what could happen. And when we refuse all the possible ‘could-happens’ we don’t see how what does happen is in our favor because we’re blind to the good that’s come from it.

Give in to flow

We can’t control what happens, only how we respond to what does. In other words, we can’t control what happens only how we choose to see what does. This is how we create our reality.

What if we allowed things to unfold as they will (and do), and what does happen is a better outcome than we would have even known to ask for…and it catapults us into a better tomorrow than would have if this particular event didn’t happen? Who knows…and why concern yourself with what you won’t ever know for sure?

Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism and author of Tao te Ching says

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

I learned of a story recently  really fascinating from Success magazine. Sean Stephenson, self-help author and motivational speaker, was diagnosed with brittle bone disease at birth. In the 4th grade, celebrating and anticipating Halloween festivities, he bent and snapped his left femur bone. in excruciating pain, and screamed in anger.

His mom looked at him very calmly without emotion and asked him, ”Is this going to be a gift or a burden in your life?”

And from that point, at just 9 yrs old, this young boy, decided it would be a gift.

Sean regained clarity and decided that he loved his life amidst his pain. And from then on he went on a mission to rid the world of insecurity–which is his self-proclaimed purpose and renowned speaking platform still to this day.

Only good flows

Only good flows into the universe. There’s no opposite of the divine–only what we fathom is not divine. But there’s only good, there’s only love, there’s only peace, there’s only that that flows. I heard it said once that to experience the  opposite of good  is really only the resistance to good.

So, suffering only comes from resisting.

Love flows, Ego resists. Kindness flows, ego resists. Peace flows, ego resists.

We don’t know what’s gonna to happen tomorrow, we can’t control anything but how we perceive and interpret what does happen. So from that space, we create our future, our destiny, because what we focus on will persist. What we “see” determines our experience, and thereby our path.

Our only work in this life is to go with the flow by feeling good, and not resist it by finding reasons to feel bad. When we’re surrendered to flow, we’re surrendered to good.

Life ebbs and flows, everything moves on if we let it. As it says in 1 Corinthians, “This too shall pass.”

So let it pass.


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