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“I can’t focus, my mind’s all over the place!” If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say this to me, I’d be rich. I hear friends say they take on a million tasks at once and they’re onto the next task before finishing the first one—which really means nothing ever gets done.

Our minds move a thousand miles per minute, and with the speed of technology, we’re not slowing down any time soon. The TV’s on, the radio’s blaring, the cell phone’s pinging with every new text, and Facebook’s open 24/7. Information is so readily accessible, it’s easy to get wrapped up in having to know it all. And after knowing it all, we try to do it all. An endless cycle that can go on forever as if we’re running on a hamster wheel.

This state of overthinking, overload and overwhelm is all too common.

We’re split and scattered between past, present and future, juggling roles and responsibilities. We’re caught up in regrets about yesterday and worries about tomorrow. It’s no wonder we struggle to fall asleep at night.

These are the effects of mental clutter. The head fog, the confusion, the chaos, the stress. And this “stuff” affects our environment. It leads to our messy desks, our overstocked cupboards, our overflowing closets and drawers.

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On the last step of the Code, you now have all steps down as a lifestyle, right? Ok, maybe not quite; it takes practice. But with discipline, The Declutter Code becomes a way of life, a new language you speak. And with that comes a life of peace and freedom. How good does that sound?

(Before you go on, make sure you read and practice Step 9 for the best results.)

Step 10: Sleep

Rest. Reset. Restart. Sleep, it’s that weapon we all have to improve our mental functioning, our stamina and our muscular strength. It sustains the body’s proper functioning, alertness and survivalism. The mind relaxes. The nervous system relaxes. The postural muscles rest. The eyes rest.

During sleep, the body repairs bones and tissues, rejuvenates cells and organs. Sleep also boosts the immune system and aids digestion.

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We’re near the end of our declutter journey! This next step has everything to do with mental space as it does environmental. It’s a huge step because this is when we clean up the mess.

Since we’ve done the work to see through the clutter, now we can easily decide what stays and what goes. (You’re ready for this step if you read and practiced Step 8 first!)

Step 9: Sort

To sort is to categorize and arrange, and to clear away what doesn’t belong. While the act of sorting may seem largely an environmental task, sorting itself is a mental function. Sorting means evaluating necessary from unnecessary.

Sorting looks like sorting our way through negative and positive moods. Good and bad memories. Productive and unproductive thoughts. Once sorted, that which doesn’t belong or have a place in our lives anymore can get removed.

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What a perfect time for this step. Spring is in the air and makes for an excellent stage on which to experience Step 8 of The Declutter Code. (But first, read and practice Step 7!)

Use the change of seasons to make this a powerful experience.

Step 8: Savor

To savor is to relish and delight in a feeling. It’s basking in the sensations of an experience. Savoring is placing our attention on a situation fully, openly and fondly. We are unconditionally loving the moment.

To savor is to appreciate. Savoring a situation with our senses is to embody an experience, gratefully noticing all the sounds, smells, sights, textures and flavors that accompany it.

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Ready to get lean? To minimize the stuff that keeps you stuck? To return to the clarity, peace and freedom you were born with?

Then you’re ready for Step 7 of The Declutter Code. (But first, have you read and practiced Step 6 yet?)

Step 7: Simplify

To simplify is to remove the clutter that complicates and stains our lives. When we simplify our lives, and chip away at clutter, we return to peace.

Simplicity is when life comes into balance and things relate more harmoniously. Life is easy. The minute we shift our thoughts to believe that, life rises to meet our faith. We start to see life get more manageable and we get more flexible—everything gets less chaotic.

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You made it! You’re more than half way through The Declutter Code. With open eyes, we can now choose our perspective from which to see the world. This is key because it determines our quality of life.

(Did you read and practiced Step 5 yet? This step comes much easier when you’re caught up.)

Step 6: Shift

To shift is to move or change over some distance. It is depth and openness to see in a new way, from a new vantage point. It’s choosing to replace one paradigm for another, one belief for another, one point of view for another.

Every moment, we bring with us a perspective. That perspective is the lens through which we view the world. It’s an attitude or viewpoint about a particular subject or object (person, place or thing). The clearer this lens is, the clearer life becomes. The easier it becomes to shift our steps toward peace.

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In the space we’ve created, we begin to observe with new eyes. (Speaking of space, be sure you’ve read and practiced Step 4 so you can apply it to this step.)

The previous steps prepared us to look deeply. Now, we open our eyes to really see.

Step 5: See

The fifth step, see, is to sense without story. We recognize thoughts exactly as they are: harmless mental concepts. We can appreciate what we take in through our eyes without making it something it’s not (nonsense).

We are responsible for what we see and how we see it. We know that what we see is being interpreted through our lenses, our perspective, subject to our labels and beliefs.

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