What a perfect time for this step. Spring is in the air and makes for an excellent stage on which to experience Step 8 of The Declutter Code. (But first, read and practice Step 7!)

Use the change of seasons to make this a powerful experience.

Step 8: Savor

To savor is to relish and delight in a feeling. It’s basking in the sensations of an experience. Savoring is placing our attention on a situation fully, openly and fondly. We are unconditionally loving the moment.

To savor is to appreciate. Savoring a situation with our senses is to embody an experience, gratefully noticing all the sounds, smells, sights, textures and flavors that accompany it.

Savoring is what our six senses are for, to soak in the fullness of our experience. Marinate in your senses! Deliberately take in every sound, every scent, every sight, every texture, every flavor, and let it all penetrate your being.

How It Clears Clutter

Savoring is taking in the moment and leaving out the clutter.

Savoring is a beautiful thing, the way it makes us grow in awareness and appreciation of all our senses. It’s really coming into witnessing our mind-body connection.

Tuning into our senses, being with them, indulging in them, taking them in. It’s letting the world meet us where we are, and us enjoying the encounter.

When we allow ourselves time to feel each sense for what it offers to us in any moment, we are opening ourselves up to the freedom of enlightenment, where everything can be seen as beautiful, magical and enjoyable.

We can allow everything to be, and we get to explore how it enlivens our senses and our human experience.

The first eight steps of the Code prepare us to absorb the pureness of our life experience without needing to label it, explain it, change it or criticize it.

When savoring, we don’t need to engineer or manufacture the moment so we feel better about ourselves. Our savoring welcomes the now as it shows up while we remain equanimous with whatever happens.

What This Feels Like

Savoring feels like presence. While we savor, we’re very much in the moment, present and aware of what we’re experiencing—really taking it in.

To savor a moment is to deeply absorb the sensational pleasure that it instills in your body. We savor moments, people and things using our senses. It feels like open arms, open hearts, open minds, welcoming the moment completely, unconditionally, without needing it to be different than what it already is.

If we resist what’s currently happening in our environment, we are not savoring what is. We’re attempting to change it and make it different in some way. Some more pleasing way. But by trying to change it, we aren’t savoring it.

A Tool for Savoring: The Body

The body is our tool for this step. Using our body involves using our six senses to take in the world. To experience what anything offers as sensory perception, and sit with that and feel that. Be with it. Don’t do anything about it, just soak it in.

Let all thoughts come, receive them gracefully, sit with them a moment, and then encourage them to go. If you’re able to sit in nature to explore savoring in your body, see how many thoughts come up during that time, how frequently they change, and what they tend to be about. The past? The present? The future?

No need to try to control the thoughts, just observe. Be mindful of any tendency to fall into patterns of complaining, anxiety or fear when faced with any sensory perception.

I like to go out in nature, leaving magazines, books, my cell phone and music playlist behind. I take time in nature to center my mind, sink my feet into the earth, smell the flowers, and rub my hands along the tree trunks. It’s beautiful to connect with nature this way, because it’s connecting with myself and what I’m made of.

I find that the time spent in nature calms my mind. The fresh air oxygenates my blood. The sun and breeze relax my body. Tension falls away. I’m centered toward spirit energy and I feel free for those few minutes.

Practice Savoring Today

Savor every moment by lingering in the sensations. Laugh longer, cry harder, smile bigger—let yourself feel these sensations and how it affects your sense of peace.

Take your time at every meal. Focus on mindfully eating, taking time to really taste your food. Indulge in different flavors like fish, dark chocolate and pomegranate. If you’re used to eating on the run or cramming food in your mouth, slow it down.

As you take a bite, chew each fork- or spoonful for at least 30 seconds, tasting the flavors, feeling the textures on your tongue. Avoid salt and hot sauce on your food so you can let the food’s natural flavors shine.

Leave a comment below on your experience using your body to savor the experience. What does it feel like for you?

Excerpt taken from “The Declutter Code: 10 Simple Steps to Clarity.”

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