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When does stuff become clutter? When does what you own become more of a burden than a blessing? When does the disarray deserved to be disposed?

You can’t stop thinking about it. You’re stressed. You’re disorganized. Yet, you keep buying, stockpiling, hoarding…

Clearly, it’s not just the stuff that’s bothering you.

The stuff you see is only part of the mess. There’s stuff underneath the stuff.

Clutter is crafty and contagious. It pervades first our minds, then our bodies, hearts and homes. It seeps into our calendars, offices, careers and bank accounts.

Your mind is the first to get cluttered before you ever see the repercussions in your living space.

Can you catch it before it gets out of hand? Before it becomes debilitating?

Let’s find out how to tell when stuff becomes clutter.

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What’s holding you back from having all that you want? What obstacle stands between you and your goals?

Whatever it is, it feels like being stuck in a rut, unable to go where you want to go; uninspired and hopeless. It makes success feel out of reach, and failure inevitable. It feels like discouragement and lack of confidence. If feels like disappointment before you’ve even begun.

It hinders creativity and courage. It chokes you up on job interviews and presentations. And it depletes your energy and ability to focus.

You would think there’d be some physicality to such a constraint that can literally hold you captive.

Nope. It is all mental.

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Let’s talk about attachment which happens when people form friendships, intimate relationships, have babies, etc. There’s some level of clinging that bonds us…and we aren’t aware of the tie when we’re not conscious and present.

I’m sure a newlywed bride and groom would put lots of effort in protecting and prolonging their honeymoon phase so that it goes on as long as possible. Because if that honeymoon phase ends, what will that mean? That the love’s gone too?

I’m sure most parents would admit to thinking that if anything happens to their child, they’d die. God forbid someone hurt their child, they’re ready to murder any suspects.

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It’s any wonder why someone would choose darkness when light is just a decision away. A decision to incorporate new thoughts of wellness and peace into one’s mindset, thereby overriding thoughts of disease and hate. A decision to view another person as capable of making mistakes and in need of as much mercy as you or I. In other words, decisions to move out from under the shadows and into the sun.

It’s any wonder, too, that someone would choose punishment over forgiveness.Punishment denotes a jurisdiction of authority over a particular offense, or a perceived power over another person. No amount of accolades or credentials gives anyone enough vindication to punish someone else for any action. What might be justice in your eyes might be torture in another pair. We as humans cannot even agree on forms of punishment, debating whether the death penalty or 5 years in jail is suitable for a count of child molestation. So, is it safe to say that punishment is in itself a subjective decree?

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