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By now you’ve heard of meditation’s many health benefits, and you’ve probably even tried a few minutes of quiet sitting to see what all the hype is about.

You may have gone so far as to put in hours researching meditation, especially after you landed on 28,000,000 different Google results in your hunt for information.

Eventually you uncovered the ultimate purpose of meditation: to declutter the mind.

Meditation, whatever the label, is designed to “bring attention to,” or “become aware of.” We become aware of thought, the inner workings of our minds. We grow in insight about what we think and our reactions to the thinking.

The very technique of meditation invites in a spaciousness around those thoughts because we’re able to monitor, observe, and slow the reactions. The more distance between thought and reaction, the more we come to experience the profound benefits of patience, love and compassion.

The techniques vary, but not the results. No one version is better than the other.

Still, you’re on this blog, curious about what type of meditation is perfect for you.

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So you want to start a meditation practice? Maybe you’ve tried it a couple times but didn’t stick to it. Maybe you dabbled in it once before but got discouraged thinking you weren’t doing it right.

Whatever the experience, you’re still curious about it and all the benefits it could bring into your life…if only you actually did it.

In order to start a meditation practice that will serve you, it helps to know the basics: where, when and how.

Good thing is, you can do it. Meditation is not just for hippies, Buddhists or “new-agey” vegans only. It’s for everyone, you and me.

Starting with confidence will encourage you to keep at it. And consistency is key.

Let’s break down the “Foundational 3” of a strong meditation practice.

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Close your eyes. Picture someone you love very much, with all your heart. Your mom, your daughter, your nephew, your grandpa, your best friend, your husband, whoever. Pick one. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll call this person the love of your life.

Get a clear image of that person in your mind. See their face, their hair, their hands. Notice their eyes when they glimmer, their smile when it sparkles, their voice when they’re giddy.

Feel in your heart how much you love that person. How much you don’t want that person to ever be hurt or harmed. How much joy they bring to your life.

Feel your heart bubble up with adoration, pride and gratitude for this person.

Now, take all that sensation and bottle it up in a huge water jug. Imagine pouring that jug into the valve of a fire hydrant.

Screw on the hose. Take the nozzle and release the throttle to send your love spraying out into the world.

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