If you’re reading this, you’re probably waiting for the answer to why you hoard information and how you can curb that clutter. You’re in the right place.

If you accept that you’re an infojunkie (or information junkie), then you’re ready for the steps to freedom.

Freedom from overwhelm, from overload, from overthinking.

Ultimately, you want freedom from the burnout that infojunkies face when taking in too much information and not having a system to sort and organize it all. There’s a lot of great stuff out there (books, blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.), but what good does it do you if you can’t remember it, can’t find it, can’t understand it and can’t apply it?

What can you do if you still want to learn and know everything, but be clear-headed enough to use it?

Most of us don’t get to that part. We learn all there is to know about a topic, and we’re either not clear (more confused than ever) or not inspired (discouraged) to act on it. So it stays stored in our heads floating around with all the other stuff we “should have done by now.”

Is that you?

If so, take the quiz to find out what type of infojunkie you are.

Once you have your results, you’ll get a personalized plan to declutter information overload.

Put an end to the foggy, head-spinning, scatterbrained way of doing things.

Before you continue to drown in more information that won’t solve the problem, or finally throw your hands up in defeat, try this first.



    4 replies to "What Type Of Infojunkie Are You? Take The Quiz"

    • George

      The outcome of the test is way off!!! I am not an enterpreneur. Half of the questions are so black and white they do not even apply to me.

      • Yvette Bowlin

        No worries, George. The quiz results aren’t about your profession, but about how you take in and use information. So the “types” are merely labels to help you assess. Thanks for taking the quiz!

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