You are where you are in life because of what you believe about abundance. You created the financial reality you’re experiencing now with your thoughts and beliefs.

Your mind got you here. And your mind can take you anywhere from here.

You probably say that you want to be rich, but is that your current situation? If your bank account doesn’t scream RICH, then there are money blocks you need to clear.

If you knew you could have all the money in the world, you wouldn’t refuse it. But because you set limits on what you’re capable of (for whatever reason), you put limits on what you can have.

That’s a money block.

You’d only say you don’t want millions because you’re scared to be humiliated when you don’t get it.

In other words, you don’t believe you can have it. That’s a scarcity mindset.

To clear the money blocks inherent in a scarcity mindset, we have to shift our money beliefs—and expand what we believe we’re worth.

Because our spiritual being is plentiful and lavish and luxurious and abundant, it pays to connect with that part of ourselves more often so that becomes our norm.

The wealthy live in a world of abundance. The poor live in a world of limitation. Each predicament a construct of the mind, and subject to change with a simple shift of thought. By our own hand, we either hold ourselves back or we set ourselves free.

It’s taken me a few years to mindfully uproot old beliefs that counter an abundance mindset so I could allow wealth to flow into my life. The less I resisted, the more that flowed in.

Abundance is a mindset that results in an accompanying lifestyle. So as we seek to live a life of abundance, we want to shift in both thought and behavior, mindset and action.

4 Steps To Attract Abundance

Here are 4 steps to follow first on the road to abundance—they embody both mindset and action. These steps serve as the foundation to becoming a millionaire.

1. Get Used To It.

Envision being wealthy as possible NOW. Visualize what you’d buy if you had more than enough. What would your house look like, your wardrobe, your vacations, your perfect day? Get specific, down to colors and smells, tastes and textures.

Imagine yourself walking into the bank and pulling out as much cash as you need to buy a brand new car.  Decide to get rich by first wrapping your mind around how it will feel to have what you want. To have the life of your dreams.

The more you do this, the more your mind gets used to that feeling as your reality and will draw more those experiences to you in your waking life.

When you use your imagination in this way, you wave your magic wand to remove the blocks in the way of that lifestyle. Like reformatting a memory card, or decluttering your closet, you’re clearing the build-up of unproductive, limiting beliefs.

2. Be Grateful For It.

You’ve heard it before, gratitude is a game-changer. Taking time to feel the gratitude well up in your bones for all the many blessings already in your life gears you up to receive more to be grateful for.

You become a magnet for receiving more blessings, more miracles.

Be grateful for what you have now, no matter how small or modest. Thank people, places, things, nature, for the beauty they bring in your life, for the energy they share with you.

3. Give It.

Come from a place of plenty. Return to a generous heart and give freely. Giving is the philosophy of abundance; it’s the nature of wealth.

When you feel as though you have enough, there’s no problem with giving any amount away. Let that be your approach now. Give something away every day—a nickel, a piece of clothing, a smile.

Stingy and scarcity go hand in hand. Observe where you are stingy with others, or hold onto things because you fear going without. In those areas, break the cycle and deliberately give. Give without expecting anything in return. Seek every opportunity to reverse the tendency to hoard in favor of abundance.

No need to keep anything all to yourself, because there’s plenty more where that came from.

4. Get Around It.

Hang around people who uplevel your thinking and expose you to lifestyles you wish to have. Get in the presence of money often.

Search for a mentor who’s made their riches in the industry you want to go into. Network in groups with people doing big things. Work around people who set goals and achieve them. Join a mastermind and accountability group.

Have lunch at a fancy restaurant once a month. Walk around neighborhoods with expansive estates. Browse the racks at Neiman Marcus and Barneys.

When you’re around these people, don’t be afraid to ask for help. This isn’t the time to be shy about creating the life of your dreams.


These 4 steps make up your ritual for the next 30 days. Follow these steps every day and begin to make abundance your new normal. Keep a journal for step 2 and note all the things that come into your life because of your new abundant attitude.

Watch how the world opens doors for you, look for serendipitous moments, invite in possibility and opportunity.

Why refuse what’s rightfully yours?


Got money blocks to clear? Join me for the next LIVE Clarity Hotline where I’ll answer your most pressing questions about decluttering your wealth mindset! Submit your questions in advance here. See you on air!


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