I decided my theme for the new year was Abundance. I wrote it on every mirror everywhere. I stuck a fortune-sized paper of it in my wallet. I adopted the mantra in my morning meditation, “I love money and money loves me.”

I was excited to trade in lack and limitation for abundance and prosperity. Finally! This was my year!

Not even the first week of March and I’m already falling into old patterns and scarcity thinking. This will never work. I can’t afford to xyz. I need to get a second job.

Even with the best intentions, I still struggle to maintain this new idea that I can live abundantly. It’s one thing to “know” I can, it’s another to live as though I can.

It is a new idea for me. I’m not around “money” every day. I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in my mouth. Both of my parents worked hard to create a middle-class existence for us 5 kids—and made sure we knew it.

All influences considered, my default (unconscious) state is that money is hard to come by. I have to work hard for my money. Money doesn’t come easily. A salary job is the only safety net.

Pretty limiting…and completely not true.

Those beliefs aren’t aligned with universal law at all. Money is just energy and energy flows wherever we ask it to go. When we stop asking (believing!!), it stops flowing.

Once I resorted to old thinking, I wiped off the mirrors. I stopped sneaking peeks at the paper in my wallet. And I forgot that money loves me.

Abundance slid back out of sight.

Then the bills came faster than the income. The expenses dried up all the savings. And my dreams felt further and further away.

I could say that’s evidence enough that abundance doesn’t exist for everyone. That some are destined to struggle to make ends meet. And I wouldn’t be alone in that thinking.

But it’s by our own choices that abundance seems out of reach.

Avoiding abundant thinking is just as easy as allowing it. Takes the same amount of energy. But add to that, the energy it takes to shut down the doomsday painted across our communities, televisions, radios, social feeds, and it can feel like an uphill battle.

The loudest story today sounds like: hard work is the only way to riches. And if what you’re doing doesn’t look like hard work, don’t expect a fat paycheck. So keep skipping lunch, pulling those all-nighters, and working those 2 jobs.

It’s tiring to work that much, but we prefer that over uprooting old beliefs and replacing them with abundant thinking. Maybe it’s not what we prefer, but it’s what we trust. It’s what looks to be the path most traveled, so we follow the herd.

We tell abundance it’s not welcome here.

What is Abundance?

What is abundance? It’s defined as “a very large quantity of something; plentifulness of the good things in life; prosperity.” (S/o to Merriam-Webster.)

Do you feel plentiful? Are you feeling abundant in all aspects of your life? If you don’t, that’s proof you’re living in contradiction to abundance. Living in contraction. Resisting the flow of wealth in at least one area of your life.

Why do you resist?

Because you’re scared that there isn’t enough good for you. So you find comfort in beliefs like:

I have to work hard to to make ends meet and put food on the table.
The love of money is evil.
Money doesn’t grow on trees (I heard this for the first time at 4 years old)
Rich people lie, cheat and steal to get where they are.
I have money, it’s just all on credit cards.
I’m broke.

These unconscious, limiting money beliefs guide us until we declutter our wealth and abundance mindset.

You’d be surprised at what beliefs hold abundance back from your life, especially if you think you make good money.

Truth is, money can flow effortlessly into your life like the breath. But you challenge that flow with a tired, scared, defeated mindset—after listening to everyone tell you what isn’t possible. So the flow stops and bubbles a little like green sludge.

Whenever you’re ready to clean up, you get to turn on the faucet and let money flow again.

The Wealth Question

What’s it costing you to live in lack and scarcity? It’s costing you something, and chances are there’s a few zeros behind it.

So is it worth it to spend some energy recouping those Benjamins?

Like a faucet, we can shut off lack and scarcity thinking and open our minds to the flow of money (better yet, wealth).

We do this by asking ourselves a simple question. I learned this question from Christie Marie Sheldon, an Abundance Coach.

The question is,

“What would it take…?”

For example:

What would it take for me to have a life of my dreams?
What would it take for me to believe that abundance is my birthright?
What would it take for me to stay in the most luxurious hotels all over the world?

This self-inquiry gets your mental juices going and open to possibility. It is a question that gives you just as much responsibility as the universe. You aren’t alone.

Once your mind is open to receiving insight, input, ideas about what it would take, the pieces start to come together to make it happen. You’re presented with open doors. You discover solutions you never thought of before.

And what you come up with, the universe is ready to provide.

It’s not for us to understand. Like Christie says, if we try to understand, we’re standing under the problem, and there’s no power there.

Logic has gotten us where we are and it doesn’t feel very abundant here. Don’t use logic for this one.

Use your imagination.

Imagine what’s possible. Imagine yourself brave and bold. Imagine yourself limitless and living in complete bliss!!

I hope you take a second to imagine, because that’s how you start to steer the energy back toward abundance.

That imagination of yours holds the first TRUE thought you’ve had in a long time.



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