Spring is the perfect time to open the windows and let fresh air move out the stagnant winter air. It’s time to watch the buds, blossoms and blooms all open to receive. The greens get greener, the browns browner, the blues bluer.

I love spring. It’s a perfect time to awaken to freshness.

Use this change in seasons as a beautiful reminder to mind your mind, and let in some fresh air. To open up, pull out the weeds, plant new seeds, and nurture the growth.

Just like nature awakens to a new, crisp, sunny day, let spring serve as an example to awaken from within. Tara Brach says,

We need to awaken to the constructs of the mind.

See what you’ve been storing in there this past winter (the beliefs, the stories…) and clear it out.

Don’t neglect the mind. Let it be your starting point for spring cleaning.

3 Steps To Spring Clean The Mind

There are 3 steps to spring clean the mind:

1. Pull The Weeds

Pluck from your mind the negative self-talk, the self-doubt and the self-loathing. You can always tell what’s going on mentally by the way you feel. If you’re telling yourself something discouraging and disempowering all the time, you’re bound to feel sad and pathetic and depressed.

Those are weeds (clutter!) and don’t belong in the beautiful garden of your mind.

If you don’t pull the root up with it, it will come back with just as much defiance. So tug the weeds deliberately. Do the work to get the roots out, too, and throw it right in the trash!

2. Plant New Seeds

With the garden clear of weeds, rake  the earth so you bring up fresh soil. This is like meditation for the mind, enjoying the silence and nothingness of pure soil.

You can now plant new seeds of abundance and love. You can now choose what goes in your garden, what stories you tell and what beliefs you live by.

Choose only seeds that serve your higher purpose. Take in only what will benefit your ultimate goal. Let go of needing your garden to look like anyone else’s.

3. Water and Nurture The Soil

Hydrate and nurture the seeds you planted and the revitalized soil you prepared.

Fill the mind with inspiring and encouraging reads and listens. If you think you’ll benefit from it, press play. If not, turn it off. If it’s only going to overwhelm your fresh garden—like weeds—then don’t let it in.

Treat your mind like the garden it is, and it will sprout the biggest, most beautiful life you’ve ever dreamed of.

Happy spring. ?



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