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We’re near the end of our declutter journey! This next step has everything to do with mental space as it does environmental. It’s a huge step because this is when we clean up the mess.

Since we’ve done the work to see through the clutter, now we can easily decide what stays and what goes. (You’re ready for this step if you read and practiced Step 8 first!)

Step 9: Sort

To sort is to categorize and arrange, and to clear away what doesn’t belong. While the act of sorting may seem largely an environmental task, sorting itself is a mental function. Sorting means evaluating necessary from unnecessary.

Sorting looks like sorting our way through negative and positive moods. Good and bad memories. Productive and unproductive thoughts. Once sorted, that which doesn’t belong or have a place in our lives anymore can get removed.

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What a perfect time for this step. Spring is in the air and makes for an excellent stage on which to experience Step 8 of The Declutter Code. (But first, read and practice Step 7!)

Use the change of seasons to make this a powerful experience.

Step 8: Savor

To savor is to relish and delight in a feeling. It’s basking in the sensations of an experience. Savoring is placing our attention on a situation fully, openly and fondly. We are unconditionally loving the moment.

To savor is to appreciate. Savoring a situation with our senses is to embody an experience, gratefully noticing all the sounds, smells, sights, textures and flavors that accompany it.

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When does stuff become clutter? When does what you own become more of a burden than a blessing? When does the disarray deserved to be disposed?

You can’t stop thinking about it. You’re stressed. You’re disorganized. Yet, you keep buying, stockpiling, hoarding…

Clearly, it’s not just the stuff that’s bothering you.

The stuff you see is only part of the mess. There’s stuff underneath the stuff.

Clutter is crafty and contagious. It pervades first our minds, then our bodies, hearts and homes. It seeps into our calendars, offices, careers and bank accounts.

Your mind is the first to get cluttered before you ever see the repercussions in your living space.

Can you catch it before it gets out of hand? Before it becomes debilitating?

Let’s find out how to tell when stuff becomes clutter.

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Close your eyes. Picture someone you love very much, with all your heart. Your mom, your daughter, your nephew, your grandpa, your best friend, your husband, whoever. Pick one. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll call this person the love of your life.

Get a clear image of that person in your mind. See their face, their hair, their hands. Notice their eyes when they glimmer, their smile when it sparkles, their voice when they’re giddy.

Feel in your heart how much you love that person. How much you don’t want that person to ever be hurt or harmed. How much joy they bring to your life.

Feel your heart bubble up with adoration, pride and gratitude for this person.

Now, take all that sensation and bottle it up in a huge water jug. Imagine pouring that jug into the valve of a fire hydrant.

Screw on the hose. Take the nozzle and release the throttle to send your love spraying out into the world.

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There’s power in I don’t know. It is one of the most powerful phrases we can utter. It’s courageous, yet vulnerable. It’s competent, yet inquisitive.

Just say it to yourself, “I don’t know.”

How does that feel?

Those three words assume no authority, require no action, no justification, declare no right or wrong-doing. They are free of all burden and mistake. They are clear of all nonsense and clutter.

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People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. 

Maya Angelou

Our memory of how we felt about a person, place or thing will always outlast what we actually did, heard or said. Did the movie move you to tears? Did the food send your taste buds soaring? Did you fall in love at first sight? What we specifically may have done, heard and/or said is actually subject to change. So it follows that even our interpretation, or perspective, of what we experienced is subject to change. Go figure. Changes as quickly as you change your mind or replace a belief with a new belief. To see what I mean, try this: write a memoir of an event 2 minutes after it occurred, then again after 2 years, then again after 20 years, and see the differences your recollection produces.

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It was then that I carried you. 

God c/o Mary Stevenson

Today marks a momentous occasion for me for two reasons. First reason: I completed one full month of backpacking solo in South America and I’ve only just begun my year-long tour.Hooray!

This anniversary, however, has me racked with all sorts of feelings and thoughts. Has me looking back to a month ago when I first set foot on this journey and looking ahead to the adventures still in front of me. Has me reflecting on the important things in life; on gratitude and love. Has me moved to tears thinking of those I love, of the love I left behind, and of the love I crave to feel again.

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