It was then that I carried you.
God c/o Mary Stevenson

Today marks a momentous occasion for me for two reasons. First reason: I completed one full month of backpacking solo in South America and I’ve only just begun my year-long tour.Hooray!

This anniversary, however, has me racked with all sorts of feelings and thoughts. Has me looking back to a month ago when I first set foot on this journey and looking ahead to the adventures still in front of me. Has me reflecting on the important things in life; on gratitude and love.

Has me moved to tears thinking of those I love, of the love I left behind, and of the love I crave to feel again.

Minutes into this type of introspection, and, as if by magic, I felt the richest, purest, tastiest love fill me up in big cascading heaps. Picture fresh waves of water replenishing a dry reservoir. It was very visceral. I know love’s been in there all along, but today it felt like I was presented with a gift. ..And that’s the second reason.

So, in honor of today (any excuse to celebrate!), I feel compelled to scratch all plans to finish the other article intended for today and write this post instead. Rather, a small note. No, a love letter.

A love letter from God, to you.

Dear Child,

I gave you a body today. On this day of your birth. You’re perfect without it, but this way you can go and enjoy the beauty found in deep oceans, on towering mountaintops, within cavernous grottos, and across endless planes. Fill your senses with the seasons. Form relationships to experience countless expressions of My love.

Treat each day as a birthing. Start each day with nothing, and create something. Stay light and fearless. Do not hope for or worry about anything. Relish every moment, for in it you have all you’ll ever need.

If ever you call for Me, I’ll be there in spirit. You’ll know I’m there when I bathe you in warmth. You’ll feel Me as soothing peace. You’ll feel Me as irrepressible joy. You’ll feel Me as overflowing love. You’ll feel Me in your core. And you’ll remember that you are We.

Shed the body whenever you’re ready. And I’ll be right there waiting for you, as if you never left.



Granted, is God a person that ‘he’ would write a letter? No. But is God an omnipotent energy so moving that ‘it’ could inspire the words to one? Abso-friggin-lutely.

Dedicated to those back home (including my precious Bailey Rae Reese). I think of you all more than you’d believe.