Love your ego.
Yvette Bowlin

Ego is nothing to condemn. Nothing to get bent out of shape over. Nothing to scorn and admonish yourself or others about. It’s here and it’s not going anywhere.

Since that’s the case, let’s befriend it. Let’s learn to recognize its efforts to serve Soul in this lifetime. We can even show it a little gratitude for looking out for us this far.

We wouldn’t be here without it.

Thanks, Ego

If we are made from love to love, can we find it in our hearts to love ego as we would anything else? Why wouldn’t our natural tendency be to look upon our ego with compassion, knowing it only wants to do right by us in fulfilling its mission?

It’s like the dedicated soldier doing everything he’s told, but the minute he schemes to protect his squad without mandate, he puts everyone’s lives in jeopardy. The intention to help was there all along, right?

Ego thinks it has to figure life out and orchestrate meaning and structure. Poor thing doesn’t realize there’s perfect order without its hedging. It doesn’t understand that being is more important than doing. That acceptance is easier than resistance.

Can we forgive ego its confusion in how it serves us in this lifetime? Can we forgive its ignorance? Can we forgive and accept? Maybe ego is being exactly what it was created to be.

Maybe it is doing exactly what it was created to do. Maybe it’s fine just as it is.

Where is all this coming from? My ego! I have a big one. This entire blog is actually my ego trying to make sense of the world and letting you in on the rant. Because I let my ego be my ego and don’t try to pretend it’s not there, I’m able to use myself as a guinea pig to gauge ego presence in my daily life. It’s my partner in this lifetime, so I’m certainly not going to fight with it.

I’ll observe ego as a scientist would its experiment instead. And enjoy the life lessons. Besides, I think we can both enjoy this life together in our own ways.

Love Your Ego

I’m not making excuses or defending the ego, necessarily. (Full disclosure? This post is probably sponsored by ego. I’m positive it had a part in the making of.) I’m just offering an alternative perspective on our dear ol’ friend. I’m merely proposing that in our being love, we can love ego as part of us.

Ego’s here to stay. It’s actually here by design. The sooner we accept that, the easier life becomes. The sooner we remember its purpose, the sooner we can resume our place as Soul and cut ego some slack. Only then, by simply acknowledging ego is there, can we stave off its control and limit its monopoly on our lives.

The garrulous soundtrack of our lives, ego. If we can’t silence it, we can certainly lower its volume.

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