This list is what I call the Ultimate Must-Read Book List for decluttering the mind and overall spiritual growth.

There are some books out there that can alter your entire belief system, opening you to new ideas and possibilities, resonating so deeply that your whole world shifts. It’s as if the books entered your life at just the right time carrying the perfect message for you.

This is that list.

Some of you will feel inspired to buy these spiritual growth books. Majority of you will buy and never read them. Many will read, some will learn, few will apply, fewer will transform, and a couple of you will truly transcend.

How far the printed words take you depends on you. You determine how they impact you. We all respond to information differently.

These books aren’t for everyone (there are a few heavy reads; think: Ayn Rand on spirituality). There’s just some material we’re energetically a match for and some we’re not. Everyone will interpret the concepts differently and take what they understand. But if you are energetically inclined toward any of these titles, they will serve you well. That’s my personal guarantee. With that, the following are my spiritual growth book recommendations for you.

The Declutter Code: 10 Simple Steps to Clarity

Yvette Bowlin

Call me bias, but for good reason. There is no other book dedicated to decluttering your mind in the way that gets to the root of the clutter like this book. It took me years to discover what I know about anxiety and stress management–and it’s all in this book. The 10 steps are easy to follow and implement immediately into your life for more clarity and peace. Now, it’s known as the bible for decluttering your life because when you start clearing clutter from the mind, you can declutter the rest of your life with ease.

The Magic of Thinking Big

David J. Schwartz

spiritual growth books
Get the most out of your life. Schwartz provides applicable information to help you start dreaming and living big. I’ll never forget who recommended this one to me, as I appreciate it very much. What an eye-opener! It’s all about mindset, as in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill—another great book. We must be exposed to various thought leaders in order to expand our awareness and consciousness to see what IS possible!

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)

Don Miguel Ruiz

Classic must-read. Discusses the mainstays of character—the simple, unforgettable rules that make living life feel a little better. The Four Agreements are: Be impeccable with your word; Don’t take anything personally; Don’t make assumptions; Always do your best. To me, this book is the new ‘Golden Rule.’

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Eckhart Tolle

This book changed the way I operate in this world. Changed every aspect of my life, actually. I gained new perspective and understanding around the natural order of the world. I was never the same after being enlightened to Tolle’s point of view that all we ever have is Now, and all else is illusory. There’s power in embracing that there is no past or future, there’s only what you believe to be true Now. It reminded me who I am and that I don’t have to identify with my body or mind. That I am a divine being beyond this physical realm, and I just need to let me shine. I still hear his encouraging words every single day and I’m still learning from him years after reading. If you want to understand how to live emotionally-steady and free from taking everything personal (and that’s just one revelation), then read this!

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Esther & Jerry Hicks

Thank God for the Hickses and their Law of Attraction for Dummies. What a whirlwind of wisdom and purity they offer up. In easy, digestible bites. Yep, they make this self-help stuff look easy…but that’s because it is!! And stop thinking otherwise. They give practical, fun, easy, manageable tools to create a life you want to live—starting with attending to your emotions! What are you emoting? The Law of Attraction is the first course in coming to understand how the world works and your mighty position in it. It’s time to call upon your power. If you have dreams, aspirations and yet regularly fight doubt, fear and insecurity en route to achieving them, then this book is a must. Don’t sit on this one.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

David R. Hawkins

This is a meaty book–but worth every minute. At times confusing but I still savored every word, letting the ideas absorb into my being! Key is to not try and figure it all out at once. Hawkins introduced me to the idea that we’re all energy, calibrated against different levels of consciousness. We can aspire toward higher levels with attention on our thoughts. While I recommend reading this book, I’d suggest it be later in your spiritual quest if you’re just starting out. It’s so juicy and rich, and your life will forever echo its power. It’s fabulous. Life becomes easier with this knowledge–this knowledge is bliss! I read this one in a book club with a very skilled facilitator, which helped me grasp some heavier concepts. Without a doubt, this book’s Life-approved.

Mindful Loving

Henry Grayson

The book on better relationships. Grayson gives 10 practices for creating deeper connections—talk about applicable right now!! How you deal with others is how you deal with yourself and vice versa. Come from that standpoint, and you’ll change every single relationship in your life: parent/child, friend, foe, lover, hater… His advice runs the gamut, from how to deal with every day small annoyances with your spouse, to years of boredom and frustration. How do you resolve something that seems so far gone? Read on, m’dear; there’s hope.

A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

Marianne Williamson

Ah, my absolute fave. Read this one twice back to back. In fact, I could read it over and over again. It’s more like a reference book now. It could not have been more powerful for me. This book changed the way I view the world and relate to people. It’s so easy to read and speaks to the most innate part of us all: love. We are all Love. The opposite of love is fear. If you want to learn how to love everyone unconditionally with utmost compassion, this is the book for you. You’ll come to see love is the starting point from which we live without fear. Featured on The Oprah Show and OWN’s Super Soul Sunday.

Being in Love: How to Love with Awareness and Relate Without Fear


What a perspective. Osho is like no other. He’s blunt and calls it like he ‘sees’ it. He’s a force to be reckoned with, to say the absolute least. He shares some powerful insight about Love. Newsflash: how we’ve been loving is NOT love at all! Love is without selfish motive, and how often are you not seeking gain (even one iota) in your loving or giving? Sure, feign otherwise, refute ‘til the cows come home, and defend your love ’til the day you die. Who would argue with you, anyway?! But, take it from me, commence the duel after you read this book.

The Trick to Money Is Having Some

Stuart Wilde

I could stop at, “Whoa,” and I would have given you a sufficient recommendation. And I have half a mind to…but I’ll continue. This book is whoa. It goes far beyond money, trust me. It seeps deep within your spiritual paradigm, gently uncovering those darkest corners. Got to hand it to Wilde, money’s the most accessible way into someone’s psyche and overall outlook on life (and their chances in life!). Money garners more protection than Fort Knox. It’s the most provocative subject to lament. And the area in life given the least conscious attention. Take that predicament, and offer simple, life-altering tips to go from broke to free, and you’re our hero. Once you tackle your mindset about money, it’s only up from there. If you want growth and power back in your finances and life, here’s the way on a silver platter.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Michael A. Singer

As a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Singer offers an enlightening view on how to take control of your thoughts. He reminds us who we are, suggesting we break away from our ‘mental roommate’ that sabotages us and makes our lives miserable. What we wouldn’t tolerate in a friend, we tolerate in our own thoughts! Why not stop the barrage of thoughts that manipulate you into believing you’re something you’re not, chained to expectations and fear? It’s really as simple as that, to hear him tell it. For more insight from Singer–and a teaser into his book–check out each part in our 5-Part Ego Series here.

Spiritual Growth Books Overload? Start With One.

Many of them had entered my life long before I actually sat down inspired to read them. But when I did, each book was right on time. I’ve been getting insight and revelation downloaded ever since. Not every word resonated with me at the time, but I just discarded what wasn’t useful, took with me what was, and went on empowered.

I say, start with the book that you’re drawn to most. Whichever speaks to you now. Don’t worry about the order. And don’t rush the process. Take your time and enjoy learning. Your growth is in divine order–if you feel called, make your move; open the book. Let yourself be led by Spirit pulling you toward a new perspective—an openness to live in happiness and freedom. (You’ll know firsthand what I mean after you read any one of these books).

Disclaimer: be careful what you expose yourself to. Be very vigilant over your own mind and what gets filtered through. By reading any of the spiritual growth books listed above, you will never be the same. You won’t be able to call yourself ignorant or make an apathetic life fulfilling. You might even have to change your life soundtrack to something more uplifting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Note: the book links above are affiliate links, so when you buy a book using that link, not only does the author get some love, so do I for recommending it. I owe you a thank you in advance. 🙂


    2 replies to "The Ultimate Mental Clutter Clearing Book List"

    • H.P.

      First of all, thank you for the great list!!!! I have read six of these books and can honestly say they all affected me… differently and continuously.
      Here is my ranking in a particular order, not random 🙂 :
      1A. The Declutter Code (call me bias) changed the way I look at the internal aspects of my (so-called) cluttered life and how to address from within, then work my way out.
      1B. Mindful Loving gave me a purpose, if you will, with how I love.
      1C. A Return to Love changed my entire outlook on how I was seeing love, then receiving it.
      2. The Power of Now
      3. The Four Agreements

      *I should add my opinions on Osho have swayed a little since watching some of the Netflix special on him.

      Any Honorable Mentions????

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