The highest spiritual path is life itself.
Michael A Singer

Now that we have an idea of what ego is, let’s see why it’s here.

Soul and Ego: A Match Made in Heaven

Eckhart Tolle, author of Power of Now and A New Earth, says that our life’s journey has an outer purpose and an inner purpose. “The outer purpose is to accomplish what you set out to do, and the inner purpose is deepening your Being in the timeless Now,” he says. The inner and outer purpose come from a place of ‘can’, which is a Soul and ego agreement that all things are possible in flow.

Soul, the innermost essence of each individual according to Hinduism, holds the inner purpose. Ego, as the human body and mind, holds the outer. Before parachuting onto earth, Soul grabbed ego by the arm and pulled him to the drop zone with It. Soul came aboard this life continuum as a spiritual being choosing a human experience (as Esther Hicks, author of Law of Attraction, would say).

Through ego, Soul took on form.

The Soul’s Purpose

It is said that life is the Divine playing with Itself. Since we are one with the Divine, life is Soul’s opportunity to experience tremendous clarity and growth by playing with energy.

Playing in this way is our inner purpose, our spiritual work. While we play, our work is to maintain the Soul position as observer of life and its form. Each life event we observe serves as a stepping-stone toward a deeper spiritual connection.

Your inner purpose won’t be a physical destination, a title, a legacy or even a monetary net worth, but only ever a feeling. Work done according to this inner purpose feels good. Feels like love; peace. Feels like fulfillment.

Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, writes,

One should view their spiritual work as learning to live life without stress, problems, fear or melodrama. This path of using life to evolve spiritually is truly the highest path. If you’re neither pushing life away, or pulling it toward you, then you are not creating any resistance. You are simply present.

Soul, sourced from spirit energy, sits at the center of our life experience as the conscious receiver of all that is. It is our inner witness watching life unfold. It is presence. It is awareness.

“Awareness is aware while everything in the universe parades before it,” says Singer. “The best way to learn about consciousness [or awareness] is through your own direct experience.”

In this direct experience, you learn a lot about unconsciousness, too.

The Ego’s Purpose

The outer purpose is to progress or advance in human endeavors. Ego’s ultimate objective is to determine means by which the body can serve the Soul. Ego reinterprets the inner purpose as human accomplishment and sets the respective intention for this lifetime.

Not surprisingly, ego also aims to feel ‘good’ in the process. But ego carries karmic baggage and continues to be manipulated by objects and customs of this world. Its perspective has been shaped, cultivated and morphed through many incarnations and has stored up karmic energy along the way.

In taking on the mission to serve the Soul, it justifies the means as necessary and bends the outer purpose to its will. The means are self-centered and self-interested as ego’s sole focus is to progress in its finite lifetime. So that will take on the appearance of selfishness and entitlement.

Ego is the tool to move through this human experience. As with any tool, it needs the operator. The operator doesn’t become the tool or become controlled by it. Such is the case with Soul and ego. Yet, ego, always entranced in itself, can pull Soul into the stupor and unwittingly incite a coup, so to speak. Singer warns,

Consciousness is a dynamic field of awareness that has the ability to either narrowly focus or broadly expand. When consciousness gets sucked in [too narrow], it no longer knows itself as itself. The more consciousness narrows its focus onto [ego’s] mental structure, the greater the tendency to utilize it to define the concept of self.

If we lose our Soul omniscience and start to believe we are the ego (hypnotized by its constant chatter), ego will certainly take over our life experience. What it focuses on becomes what Soul relates to most, per the Law of Attraction. Or you can allow ego to go about its path without being pulled in, staying broadly observant in the knowledge of who you are.

No competition here. Soul isn’t now or ever pitted against ego. There is only observer and form. Subject and object. Operator and tool. As long as we are in this body, we will have an ego attached. If we know there’s no getting rid of it, what choice do we have other than to accept it in partnership?

With that acceptance, we can be free of the burden to try and ‘kill’ our ego as some might suggest. Instead, we watch it, love it, embrace it and hold it with compassion. Consciousness living cordially with the unconscious. Despite what ego does around you, remain the expansive, exploratory, observant you. “The more you are willing to just let the world be something you’re aware of, the more it will let you be who you are—the awareness, the Soul,” says Singer.

Many of you will find that your life purpose is to transform from being dependent on ego, to simply its counterpart. Tolle says transformation is through the body not away from it.

So we use our ego to traverse the world with our inner purpose at hand as we embody flesh in this thought-driven, emotional and sensory dimension. The challenge is to remember who we are while living in humanity and not, living through a body, become the body.

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