Do you love to learn? Love to read? Love to take classes? Love to feel smart?

Do you love to be entertained? Netflix, GOT, movies and magazines? TED talks and HGTV videos?

Do you love to catch up with friends over coffee or a beer? Love to learn from mentors on how to be successful in life?

Yes to all the above? Sounds like you’re a bonafide infojunkie. Welcome to the club.

What is Information?

That’s all information. Those books, those shows, those lectures, those conversations… We infojunkies consume all of the stuff there is to consume. We are always “in inquiry,” curious about things, wanting to study and grow in some new way. We have an insatiable thirst for discovery. FOMO is our middle name.

It’s a beautiful thing, though. Learning. Discovering. Growing in knowledge.

Information is fascinating; curling up with a good book on a rainy day, enrolling in college for the first time, learning to play the guitar online, taking self-defense classes… It’s Google, it’s Facebook, it’s Twitter.

It inspires, excites, encourages, motivates, challenges.

It changes you.

Information doesn’t come to us only from the outside, it’s also the stuff we put out into the world. It’s our side of the conversation, our advice, our opinions. It’s the blogs, the books, the videos we share on the web or on stage, in interviews, or on TV.

From inside or out, why would you ever want to lose access to that information? It’d be like losing one of your senses. No thanks. You wouldn’t ever want to be censored in your own expression of information or how you share it, either.

Still, everything in moderation. The learning, the listening, the thinking, the speaking.

Naturally, we seek balance in life. And when we don’t have balance, it can get messy.


The Messy Side of Information

How messy can it get? Well, think about it. How many times do you find yourself put off by information? Saddened by it? Discouraged by it?

How many times do you feel like you’re drowning in it, overwhelmed by it, confused by it?

Has information ever caused you to feel scatterbrained trying to remember it all? Or frazzled, trying to do it all. Or insecure, like when you’re scrolling Instagram, comparing your vacation with his. Your diet with hers. Your family with theirs.

Do you ever get distracted by it? You’re getting ready to do one thing, then all of a sudden, you’re scrolling Facebook. You go to call someone and you catch yourself watching a video on YouTube.

And you wonder why it’s so hard to finish what you start.

This is why you purge. Because “excess” information is keeping you from clarity. Everything is out of focus when you’re overloaded with information. It’s in the way. But not many want to acknowledge that ugly truth.

It’s a slippery slope, information. And if you don’t watch yourself, you could slide down a dark hole of defeat and depression.

If we’re not watching what information we’re taking in, we run the risk of getting so bogged down in media opinions, politics, news, pop culture and other people’s agendas, that we lose sight of what’s important and what matters to us.

Purging information—the kind that doesn’t serve you—is crucial to your success. But how do you purge the excess, the unnecessary and the limiting? Great question.

Learn to Purge

How do we free our minds? Since you’re all about learning, find out how to purge the crap and keep the gold on my upcoming free online Masterclass, “The Information Purge.” You’ll learn 3 secrets to rid distractions and information overload to become a Productivity Powerhouse. (Hint: information overload will kill your productivity.)

Get tips on:

  • processing or purging information (I’ll show you how)
  • how to work less but get more done (it’s possible!)
  • defining your priorities (so you stay on track)
  • managing stress better (it’s all about the purge)
  • balancing work and play (a must!)

Get unstuck from information overload. Regain clarity. Be free to focus on what matters at work and at home.

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