I love entrepreneurs. Their ability to build something from the ground up. Their impact on commerce and civic liberty.

The fire in their eyes, their unabated drive and determination are contagious. Their passion lights their way. There’s an excitement about the future that propels them forward.

I can’t help but get hopeful with them, wanting to see their big dreams become a reality.

So when I see a fellow entrepreneur struggle to find focus, drive and clarity in her business, it breaks my heart. I know without that, she won’t gain the momentum necessary to see the vision through. Without that, she’ll lose hope.

I immediately want to come to the rescue and offer guidance on how to remove the blocks.

When clarity eludes an entrepreneur, the fire goes out, the gusto fades. Discouragement and despair loom. Which is why we see so many businesses fail in their first 3 years. And why business partners disagree on vision and purpose. And why customers start shopping elsewhere.

It’s much better for the entrepreneur on the other side of confusion. It’s much better to be clear.

Have you lost vision and clarity for your business? Are you stuck in overwhelm and overload? Are you looking to get inspired again?

If so, below are 4 reasons–a.k.a. typical, widespread entrepreneur habits–you’re not experiencing clarity in your business right now.

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1. You’re doing too much.

Both professionally and personally, you’re piling too much on your plate. You’re attending too many seminars, reading too many how-to books, trying to learn and buy what every seminar is pushing. You’re breaking up your time dedicated for churning out your own genius and gifts to the world just to take in more external information.

Being clear on what earns a place on your calendar and what doesn’t is a skill. A highly coveted skill. One that few master because they’re too busy trying to get it all done. Meanwhile, they don’t evaluate what’s draining their time and energy, intent instead on spreading themselves too thin.

How are you spending your time? What events are you filling your calendar with? Do any of those appointments involve time alone for creating and developing? Carve “me” time into your schedule as a non-negotiable, daily appointment with yourself. If you bog yourself down with endless tasks, you’ll drown your insight and creativity under robotic mindlessness.

2. You’re FOMO-obsessed and distracted.

I see it, the marketplace is booming. There is something for everyone. Magazines, books, seminars, conferences, workshops, masterminds, meet-ups. Tools, technology, strategies, systems, coaches, mentors, advisors. At every stage of business, you can buy a service or product that will take you to the “next level.” It’s hard not to heed the fear of missing out.

But if you’re getting sucked down the rabbit hole of distractions, it’s no wonder you’re overwhelmed. Shiny objects will do that to you. If you’re constantly bouncing from one strategy to the next, or one teacher to the next, you won’t build a firm foundation or steady enough momentum to see any of it ever take off. You’ll float around in the start-up phase forever.

How are you managing your projects and concentrating on the task at hand? Are you busy being busy without getting anything done? Give important tasks their fair share of your focus by shutting off the distractions that pull you from execution back to spectator. This requires discipline if you want to see any goal to completion.

3. You’re saying Yes too soon.

Before you’ve even sat down to consult with the way your body feels about an opportunity or project, you’re already saying yes to it. Thereby making it an obligation. And a burden. That is, if upon further introspection, you end up kicking yourself for committing too soon.

Decisions are best guided by your senses, the way you feel. So if you don’t take the time to drop into your body for that visceral Yes (or No) response—that bodily sensation in your gut—you won’t really know if you’re doing something that aligns with your purpose, your passion, or your priorities. Until it’s too late.

Close your eyes and ask yourself, Do this excite me? Does this work for me? Does this align with my life goals? Feel the answer in your torso, your heart, your loins. Feel the peace or unsettling in your body. Trust the answer as your instinct giving you a clear Hell Yes or Hell No.

4. You’re not giving yourself time to pause.

If you don’t stop for a breather between doing and going, racing and running, then you’re never going to have the downtime necessary for real wisdom to show up.

Press pause all the influences of the world and give yourself time to explore what you already know. Turn off the valve of incoming information so you can just sit with what’s already there for a moment. The influence of the media has us distracted and we let in whatever wants to be let in.

By listening too much to the outside world, we don’t give ourselves time to listen from within. If you don’t slow down and allow time for your own wisdom to shine, it never will.

Now that you know 4 habits that zap your clarity, you can begin to build habits that don’t. You can begin to clear away the obstacles to success–all of which have the same thing in common: mindlessness.

Don’t get lost only in what’s happening outside; balance it by getting lost inside. From the inside, all will become clear.

Make time to just sit with your own thoughts and ideas, allowing your next steps to be revealed and your path to unfold, inspired from the depths of your innate knowing. That’s where the true magic of entrepreneurial genius resides.


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    • Tara

      If you knew me personally, I would think you had written this about me! I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog because I can relate, as I’m sure many other can as well. Thanks for putting the truth out there for us to realize the underlying hurdles and how to get through them! I appreciate you.

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