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Do you love to learn? Love to read? Love to take classes? Love to feel smart?

Do you love to be entertained? Netflix, GOT, movies and magazines? TED talks and HGTV videos?

Do you love to catch up with friends over coffee or a beer? Love to learn from mentors on how to be successful in life?

Yes to all the above? Sounds like you’re a bonafide infojunkie. Welcome to the club.

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Are you doing too much? Cramming too much into those precious 24 hours of yours?

I believe you, you’re busy. But are you busy doing important work? Work that aligns with your priorities? Work that clearly leads to a desired result?

If not, try evaluating how you’re spending your time. You might think you’re being productive, when nothing’s really getting done.

At some point in your life, you learned busy is better. You learned being busy was the thing to do. You adopted the mindset that if you’re not filling every second with some activity, you’re not working hard enough.

But is working hard the driving factor in productivity? What if you were misled?

It’s not too late to redefine productivity.

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably waiting for the answer to why you hoard information and how you can curb that clutter. You’re in the right place.

If you accept that you’re an infojunkie (or information junkie), then you’re ready for the steps to freedom.

Freedom from overwhelm, from overload, from overthinking.

Ultimately, you want freedom from the burnout that infojunkies face when taking in too much information and not having a system to sort and organize it all. There’s a lot of great stuff out there (books, blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.), but what good does it do you if you can’t remember it, can’t find it, can’t understand it and can’t apply it?

What can you do if you still want to learn and know everything, but be clear-headed enough to use it?

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Attention all infojunkies!

(If you’re not sure that means you, read this.)

Are you caught up in the swarm of information? Especially around this time of year, my inbox is full of sale emails, my mailbox is full of coupons, my Kindle gets at least 3 books bigger, my Facebook feed feels like Twitter.

Same for you? Everything vying for your 5-second attention span?

There’s so much information right at our fingertips, the world is just clicks away. It’s no wonder we’re gluttons for the next big news story, the next hottest movie star, the next hit TV show.

Not only are we being entertained by the cyberwebs, we are being informed. We live by Google. We want to know everything, and why not, right? It’s there for the taking. Why shouldn’t we fill every moment with learning something new?

Because information overload is a real thing. Burnout is no joke.

Being bombarded day after day with this and that, trying to keep up with the latest headlines is exhausting.

Yet as an infojunkie, you can’t help but seek out this stimulation.

It comes at a cost, though.

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The first step in recovery is acceptance. Let’s see if you’re ready to admit that you’re an infojunkie.

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