Attention all infojunkies!

(If you’re not sure that means you, read this.)

Are you caught up in the swarm of information? Especially around this time of year, my inbox is full of sale emails, my mailbox is full of coupons, my Kindle gets at least 3 books bigger, my Facebook feed feels like Twitter.

Same for you? Everything vying for your 5-second attention span?

There’s so much information right at our fingertips, the world is just clicks away. It’s no wonder we’re gluttons for the next big news story, the next hottest movie star, the next hit TV show.

Not only are we being entertained by the cyberwebs, we are being informed. We live by Google. We want to know everything, and why not, right? It’s there for the taking. Why shouldn’t we fill every moment with learning something new?

Because information overload is a real thing. Burnout is no joke.

Being bombarded day after day with this and that, trying to keep up with the latest headlines is exhausting.

Yet as an infojunkie, you can’t help but seek out this stimulation.

It comes at a cost, though.

How many times a day do you grab your cell phone, see 5 notifications on the lock screen, unlock your phone to find yourself staring at your friends on Instagram, double-tap a picture or two, close out of that to get into the Calendar, then Messages, reply to the text about meeting up tonight, then you’re in Photos, lost, completely confused about what you opened your phone to do.

Or you’re reading an article online, then you open a new tab on your browser to start watching a video, then open another tab to get into your bank account, then Gmail to reply to a client’s email. Then, 10 tabs later, you’re back on that first article, clicking more links to new pages, new topics, new trains of thought.

And how often do you come home to a pile of new mail, magazines, stacks of newspapers, kitchen countertops you can’t see, couches cluttered with books, and Netflix blaring in the background?

How do you keep up with your racing thoughts, ideas, and all the information you’re soaking up? Mentally, emotionally, psychologically, how does it all affect you? Stop and take notice.

There are 4 types of infojunkies, each with their cravings, triggers and obsessions. Each seeking completeness in their own unique way.

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4 Types Of Infojunkies: What Type Are You?

Each type of infojunkie seeks information for a particular satisfaction.

Which one describes you?

– Scientist

“Scientists” are the research hobbyists. They’re driven to dissect the what, the why, the when, the where and the how in hopes of knowing full evolution of an idea, concept, definition or theory. They thrive on the origin of a story, digging deep to its roots. If they believe something, they’re fully aware of why. The understanding is the reward.

You’ll find them knee-deep in stacks of books, a dictionary open at their side, Wikipedia bookmarked as their home screen, and notepads full of illegible epiphanies in neat piles by the desk.

Addiction: acquiring information; gathering information and storing it.

– Infopreneur

“Infopreneurs” turn passion for information into profit. Sharing old information in new ways, spreading popular ideas like a contagion, injecting their byline into the world. They’re authors, bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers tapping into the well of knowledge and turning it into a multi-faceted business.

You’ll find them watching educational videos, reading blogs, mastering subjects and repurposing content for their own tribes. Breathing new life into time-tested philosophies.

Addiction: assembling information; curating information and putting it on display.

– Salesman

“Salesmen” (just a term, not a gender) are obsessed with ROI—the return on information. The more information they can sell or barter, the better. They spruce up plain information with fancy fonts and colors, slap a price tag on it and watch it multiply. They flaunt information like a badge of honor.

You’ll find them plotting, planning, forecasting, calculating and investing. Milking information for all it’s got.

Addiction: auctioning information; exchanging information for something else of value.

– Creative

“Creatives” are the poets, the artists and the musicians. There is no such thing as boring, useless knowledge. Once they have a hand in it, the result is something that sparkles, jumps off the page, and leaves rest of us in awe. Their satisfaction lies in taking information and turning it into something that lingers and inspires.

You’ll find them designing, molding and sculpting information into new shapes and sizes, weaving nouns and verbs into harmony.

Addiction: adapting information; interpreting information for the sake of beauty.

Why You Hoard Information

The underlying neurosis of infojunkies is their need to know everything. They’re fixated on the way intelligence makes them feel. Information is the drug; discovery is the high.

So why do we hoard information to get “high”?

  • It feels good
  • It feels bad
  • It feels forbidden
  • It feels better than boredom
  • It feels better than sadness
  • It feels familiar
  • It feels exciting
  • It feels scary
  • It feels energizing
  • It feels entertaining
  • If feels safe
  • It feels relaxing

One of those might be an excuse you’ve given before, but none are the real reason you hoard information.

Curious to know the real why?

I’ll let you discover it for yourself: take the quiz to find out what type of infojunkie you are, why you hoard information, and how you can avoid the information hangover.


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