The first step in recovery is acceptance. Let’s see if you’re ready to admit that you’re an infojunkie.

You’re an infojunkie if…

  • You’re on social media more than 30 minutes a day
  • Your Pinterest page has 20+ boards
  • You love the speed of Twitter
  • You thrive on CNN headlines
  • When you’re not online or scrolling social feeds, you’re watching TV or reading a book
  • You love to read
  • You buy any book Oprah recommends
  • You have a goal of 10 more books to read before the end of the year
  • You have a Kindle and a bookshelf with hundreds of books
  • You cringe at the thought of losing these prized possessions
  • You get irritated when people interrupt your reading sesh
  • You still haven’t read all the books you own
  • You listen to podcasts when commuting, waiting at the doc’s office and walking the dog
  • You have more than 1 filing cabinet for all your memories and financial paperwork
  • You need a new filing cabinet for everything else
  • You don’t know where exactly last year’s tax returns are but you know you saved them somewhere
  • You have all your college coursework, textbooks, exams and final projects stored in boxes at your parents’ house
  • You have journals for every year since you called them diaries
  • You’re not happy if you’re not learning new things
  • You have binders and notebooks for every conference ever attended
  • You look at a scanner and laugh
  • You look at a shredder and cry
  • You have 4 email inboxes each filled with 9,500 ads from your favorite retailers
  • Your Spam folder’s filled with 5,500 more
  • Your computer desktop’s busier than a mall at Christmas
  • You have 18 tabs open on your Internet browser as something to get back to later
  • If it’s not on a tab, you printed it out to read when you get home
  • You have browser bookmarks for every category imaginable
  • You read an article and before you finish, you’re already starting another one
  • You have stacks of outdated newspapers calling your name
  • You can’t get enough of those glossy magazines (Elle, Wired, Inc!)
  • You have useless trivia floating in your head
  • You enjoy sharing said useless trivia in all ways possible
  • You hate when someone knows more than you about a certain subject
  • Your nickname is know-it-all
  • You study stats for all the sports and players you love
  • You dominate fantasy sports
  • You crave the latest Donald gossip
  • You crave any gossip
  • You’re scanning these bullets fast so you can get to the next thing on your list


Any Yeses up there?

Hopefully you laughed at this exercise. No need to take yourself too seriously or get down about it. I don’t.

The truth is, we’re all infojunkies to a large extent, thanks to the world we live in today. There’s information swarming around our ears and eyes, at our fingertips, every second of every day.

We’re producing more and consuming more than ever before. The demand for more information is incessant. And what we want, we get…

Because of the Internet, we are limitless in finding whatever we’re searching for, or creating it ourselves.

Infojunkies Anonymous

Instead of landfills, this stuff occupies our heads and our homes.

Infojunkies have to counteract the onslaught of information with some downtime—away from the TV, videos, books, websites, social media, etc.

It’s rare we take the time to “rest the mind” and for that, we’re distracted, overwhelmed, overloaded and stressed.

Sound like a typical day for you? Willing to admit it?

I hear ya.

Good news is, you can strike a beautiful balance between taking in information and releasing information on a daily basis so you’re not running on fumes by 8pm at night.

How? Look for upcoming articles on information hoarding where I’ll help you stop the madness.

***Click here to find out what to do now that you know you’re an infojunkie.***



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