What is Soul Searching? What is the soul searching for? And how can we make sure we find it?

It’s a journey of the soul, since the beginning of man, Adam and Eve, we’ve searched for answers so we could live a life aligned with our Truth.

But what is our Truth? How do we find it?

Soul searching means to find purpose and direction from deep within yourself—without external influences dictating or leading the way. To look for meaning that goes beyond the rationalizing mind to our infinite connection to the divine.

To search your soul is to search your innate knowing and conscious awareness for answers and guidance.

How you search will determine what you find. Whether you end of frustrated or fulfilled.

What Is The Soul?

Soul is the emotional label for spirit – it’s your gut, your spirit’s feeling place. It’s where your 5 senses connect on a mental level—which means you’ve interpreted the feels you feel, deep in your gut, as your soul.

There’s really no such thing as soul, except the label we use to describe our inner compass. (But we’ll stick with the terminology now that we’re on the same page.)

When you tap into your soul’s guidance—or you search your soul for answers—you’re perceiving consciousness giving your mind and body instruction. Because it stimulates a mind and body connection, you experience sensation; you can almost feel your soul and know when it’s speaking to you.

When we listen, miracles happen.

To Search The Soul

A soul searching journey will also show you how the mind (and the universe) work so you can discover your truth within it all.

Soul searching is so much more than finding a fulfilling career.

Yet most don’t take the time to truly look intently and honestly at him- or herself.

They shy away from asking the questions, examining their habits, looking at their relationships, testing their passions, and asking WHY.

***If you’re ready to search your soul for answers, click here. What you find will set you free to follow your heart in life.***

To search the soul with intention, is to discover who you are, what you want and where you’re going in life.

Until you deliberately search, you may have been operating on autopilot in some areas of your life, going with the status quo, following the herd, doing what others expect of you, blindly borrowing beliefs just because you don’t know any better.

When you’re clear on who you are, what you want and where you’re going, you’ll attract people, resources and opportunities to your journey that support, magnify, and confirm your path. Anything not in service of that path will fall away.

The Soul Searcher’s Handbook is intended to give you clarity and remind you how to use the tools you already have at your service…but maybe you’ve stopped using them or you forgot that you had such easy access to all the answers you’ll ever need.

Happy Soul Searching!




    3 replies to "What Is Soul Searching?"

    • Ron Arinsmier

      Hi, From Ron ( from finding our Purpose program} I like you discussion about the Soul. One time I ask my pastor, where is our Soul located? I also ask my doctor, on a annual check up, What body part is my Soul and where is it at? I think this is a great thing to study.. Ron Arinsmier { I know where it is!}

      • Yvette Bowlin

        Thanks, Ron! It’s fun to feel for your “soul.” (Are you going to reveal where it is for us?) 🙂

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