Day 1. What’s in the forecast for your new year?

You might want to take a second to think about your answer to that question. It’s in your power to create, mold, fashion and shape the next 365 days into whatever you want.*

You have 12 months staring you in the face, what are you going to do with them?

It’s worth being reflective and introspective here because your quality of life depends on your attention to it. If you remain oblivious to your life experience and neglectful of your ability to set course after what you want, then you’re destined to be prey to everyone’s agendas but your own.

The quality of your life experience depends on where your attention is. Abundance or lack? Clarity or confusion? Freedom or fear?

Start the Year Right: Your Now Steps

I do Clarity Sessions with my clients. They come to me with 1 big, heady question—something that’s causing them a lot of distress and unrest—and I help them get clear on an answer. It’s usually a transformational answer, one delivered to them by their own spiritual guidance. That answer serves to guide their next steps.

After our session, their step forward is taken with clarity, intention, confidence and conviction. They’re never the same.

Most of them never knew they had this internal compass that could direct them to something so right, so purposeful. Something that offers them so much peace.

Peace is the underlying force behind clarity. When we’re clear, there’s peace. When we’re not clear, there’s stress and fear.

I conduct these Clarity Sessions by asking questions that only they can answer. 4 of those questions, I’ve included below because they will help you determine what this new year could be like. Ask yourself these 4 little questions to get you clear:

1. What is working in your life?

2. What is not working in your life?

3. What do you want more of?

4. What does a “perfect day” look like?

The questions are simple and straightforward. The answers could be just as simple and straightforward if you aren’t suppressing and denying your Truth.

I imagine you’ll have your own interpretations to what the questions are actually asking you. But that’s the point. How you’re led to answer is the point.

What is working in your life? What seems to be functioning well in your mind, body, heart, home, career, and finances?

What is not working? What is causing you grief or heartache, keeping you up at night?

What do you want more of? What brought you so much joy last year that you wish you could have more of this year?

What does a perfect day look like? Describe your perfect day. Don’t let money, location, job, talent, skill or limitations hold you back from answering this honestly. Let your mind free to design what you would be experiencing from morning to night on this “typical” day in your life.

Your answers hold the key to what life could look like for you, if you decluttered the roadblocks in your way and started living according to your peace, purpose, passions, and priorities.

The way you answer these questions will shine a light on the fork in the road. Which route will you take? One goes toward a full, free life. The other goes toward more of the same. If you’re already living the dream, great, keep on that road! If not, what does the other offer as an alternative?

This doesn’t mean abandon life as you know it, relationships and occupation, and run away. But your answers should have shown you what small adjustments can be made to curate a life you love.

Believe it or not, where you are now is where you want to be. You got yourself here. It’s when what we want is limited by our own imagination and self-confidence, that it feels like we are being held back and not getting what we’d rather have. But given this new insight into yourself, do you believe you can do anything you put your mind to?

What will your next step be? What will you do now? What will you design your new year to be?

There’s no reason you can’t have that perfect day.

Nudge that ceiling a little higher than you think is possible and watch yourself rise to meet it.


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