The #1 asked question in the world: What is my purpose?

Do you ever catch yourself wondering that? Wondering, is there more to life than this? What am I here on earth to do? What is the meaning of my life?

And without answers, it feels like we’re betraying our souls. Like we’re missing something.

It comes with the territory: a spirit born into a human body for about 90 years and wondering why. Why are we here? Most importantly, why are YOU here?

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Suicide. It’s such a sad thing. You can almost feel the helplessness in the choice.

And wish you could have done something to change it.

Then you wonder, what was so bad that they couldn’t go on? Immediately you think depression, guilt or shame.

Brought on by financial trouble, maybe? Addiction? Disease?

Nope, none of that.

It’s brought on by something different. Something you wouldn’t guess.

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What is Soul Searching? What is the soul searching for? And how can we make sure we find it?

It’s a journey of the soul, since the beginning of man, Adam and Eve, we’ve searched for answers so we could live a life aligned with our Truth.

But what is our Truth? How do we find it?

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[simple steps]
[simple steps]